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 #23502  by Tony T
Do any of you guys have a fairly good relationship with any of our local gun shop owners or managers?

I ask because I believe we should embark upon a campaign of supplying local gun stores with our tri-fold brouchures.

Imo we should ask them to keep a stack of Deloc brochures on their counter near the register. Maybe even include them with firearm purchases.

I don't really know any of them, so I started wondering if any of you did. About the only person I'm sure who does is Rob, (VwPilot), since he worked at Patriot.

I don't mind approaching some of these people with the request. But, I think we'd have the most luck if the subject was brought up by someone they know fairly well.

Imo these shops would be doing a community service to their customers, maybe even making them safer gun owners. And besides, knowing their self defense rights could save a life someday.

 #23519  by ShakyHand
I think it's a very good idea.

This has crossed my mind before, but I forgot all about it last time I was in a shop, which is not that often. I mostly buy my supplies from Dicks.

Our (Dave's) brochure is very good. It takes a very clean, sane and factual approach and if someone takes a moment to look at it will not find anything objectable in it. Really no reason NOT to put it on their counter.

BTW, I have started to leave one behind in the booth at Omaladen each time I go. It seems a lot of newbies are there. And as such they are very receptive to any new information regarding guns.