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~ 99-1. Firing of guns.
Firing of guns shall be permitted in building or buildings provided by a legally constituted organization upon application and approval of same by the Town Council.

~ 99-8. Discharging firearms.
No person shall fire or discharge within the town limits of Elsmere any rifle, gun, pistol, revolver, cannon or other appliance, whether, projecting or exploding a bullet, cartridge or blank cartridge.

~ 99-9. Exemptions.
The following are exempt from the provisions of this Article:
A. Any peace officer in the regular discharge of their duties.
B. Any certified indoor range and/or rifle club within the Town of Elsmere.

~ 99-10. Violations and penalties.
Any person who violates this Article shall be fined not less than the sum of fifty dollars ($50.), or more than the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.), or be imprisoned not less than ten (10) days or more than thirty (30) days, or both. In any prosecution for a violation of this Article, justification, as defined in 11 Delaware Code, ~~ 462 through 471, shall be a defense.