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 #27612  by Jason
Ok got my forms

Trying to locate the CLEO

 #30039  by Tony T
Not sure, but I have heard of people leaving that line blank and still getting their license.
 #30054  by trevor
I live in Newark, so it is the chief of the NPD for me. If you are in one of the cities, it'd be chief of your city PD.

If you are in an unincorporated part of the county, It'd be the chief of the New Castle County PD, Acting Chief of Police: Maj. McGowan

But you should call them to confirm: 302-395-8010

Good luck with your C&R. I just got mine a few weeks ago.
 #30069  by Boots
For NCCo, I'd try this guy ....

New Castle County Police Department Chief of Police Colonel Rick Gregory 3601 N DuPont Highway (Route 13) New Castle, Delaware 19720 (302)573-2800
 #30156  by Jason
OK it will go out Monday....

To Be Continued..
 #30230  by CorBon
I mailed my stuff to the DSP Superintendent. It worked.