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 #33307  by Boots
Jason wrote:Ok got my forms. ....
Where did you get your forms? :?:
 #33318  by Boots
Jason wrote:LordJim did all the foot work..


It takes like a week to get the forms.
Thanx! :D
 #34421  by Jason
Had a lady from the BATFE Call me today. They have issued me my C&R. and it is on the way. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime:
 #35548  by fieldman
Congratulations. P64s just became C&R. If you haven't already broken your license in, you could break it in on one (or two). $169 from SOG in excellent condition. Mine is 1970 and doesn't look like it has ever been fired. Have read they are an inexpensive CC gun.

 #35553  by fieldman
Boots wrote:I wonder how hard it is to find 9x18 ammo...
I have made a few purchases of Brown Bear 9x18 FMJ at Millers. It has been in stock each time I wanted it. There are more and more of these caliber guns hitting the shores, so availability should only get better locally.

Aesthetically the P64 is a nice looking gun. DA trigger pull is not great. Almost impossible to use smooth/even trigger pull for DA. Pulls 2/3rds way and suddenly stops & requires a huge increase in force to get the trigger to break. A friend of mine's P64 is exactly the same way. However the SA pull is very light. Not much pressure needed to make it break. There are lighter springs available to fix this problem tho.

I also have a CZ-82 in this caliber. Although it is not as physically appealing, the trigger on it is butter. CZ-82's are known to have very smooth trigger pull.