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 #42073  by myopicvisionary
I was all excited when I heard about someone recreating the OSS Liberator pistol. Vintage Ordnance http://www.vintageordnance.com/ has built a modern incarnation of the FP-45 with a rifled barrel. The only other deviations from the original are the ATF required markings. So far so good...

Then I looked closer at the website. $600.00! Are you high? Yes, I know that an original Liberator is worth four digits. The original cost $2.40 to produce which is about $35.00 in today's dollars. I could see maybe $200.00 if you are a history buff, but $600.00? And here's the kicker...

The pistol; as produced by Vintage, is incapable of being fired! The company does not bore the firing pin hole completly through, though it implies that anyone could. Then it states that they are not liable for any injury resulting from someone doing just that. A rifled barrel firearm that cannot be fired as sold. I'll buy swampland first!
 #42080  by GatorDude
Ummmm...a tiny bit of drilling and you got an operational firearm. However, it apparently may be a bit dangerous to shoot repeated rounds, etc.
 #42084  by stephpd
You do know that they were dropped behind enemy line so that the resistance could use them to get a better gun, right?

Saw the article in American Riflemen but knew about them before that, at least about the originals. Not many actually ever got used for that purpose too.

Scary thing, even if properly built.
 #42102  by myopicvisionary
Yeah, and most were destroyed. Like the Pedersen devices!
 #42136  by stephpd
myopicvisionary wrote:Yeah, and most were destroyed. Like the Pedersen devices!
And all the 'Peacekeepers' we donated to Great Britain.
:censored: Brits!!!
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