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Are your C&R firearms shooters or showpieces?

Shooters (I take it/them to the range and USE them)
Showpieces (I keep it/them for display only)
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Mixture (Some see action, some don't)
 #4925  by dave_in_delaware
I was just curious if your C&R firearms are something you take along to the range and shoot, or if they're museum pieces and stay away from action? Or if there are some you shoot, and some you don't.... Feel free to elaborate, too!

I only have one C&R firearm (Mosin Nagant 91/30), and I love shooting it!!!
 #4932  by Sprat
I am a collector so a vast majority of my collection is collector pieces if fact I have several wartime walthers that have never!!! been fired. I have several rifles I personally have never fired and don't intend on doing so. they are worth too much on the collectors market.

then I have those that I built and those that I bought as shooters

you can clean that gun till the cows come home you can send it to a smith get it reblued it won't matter I will know either way, tricks of the collectors trade

also there is a difference between collecting and accumulating. I don't buy junk and always buy East German if its not east german proofed its not east german its whatever

 #31397  by Jeepflexin
I do not have a C&R license but I do own a few C&R eligible firearms.

I am pretty sure all of these would have qualified for C&R purchase status:

1942, 1911a1 Remington Rand bring back, has been shot but not that much
1943, 1911a1 Remington Rand bring back, has been shot but not that much
1903, Winchester 1892 38-40, I would shoot it if I had a reason to but I prefer shooting Marlin levers
2003 (IIRC) Marlin 336SS LTD in 35rem, unfired and will remain that way (probably)
1999 Marlin 336CB 30-30 Unfired and will remain that way (probably)
1951 Marlin 336 in 32 special, I'd fire it but prefer my other 35rem 336's

If I were to go through the trouble of acquiring a C&R I would probably just get a full fledged FFL.
 #35692  by fieldman
My C&R guns are a mix. I have a CZ-82 and Romanian Tokarev TT-33 that are shooters. They are in average condition. I'm debating on whether or not to shoot my just purchased Polish P64 as it came in absolute pristine condition. I have 5 mosins (they are addicting) and 880rds of ammo, but have yet to send a round downrange with them. One of them's gonna be a shooter. I've been lazy about getting the cosmo off them. However a few weeks ago I set them out in the sun in the back of my SUV and let them bake. I think all the cosmo is off them. Just need to put a patch or 2 down the barrel and take to the range!