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 #69847  by y0rlik
I'm in Newark and sent mine to NCCPD (in hindsight it probably should have been the Newark PD). The ATF sent me my license a month later. I don't think it really matters all that much where you send it to. I don't think the ATF checks up on who your CLEO really is, nor do I think they really care. Mostly it just serves as another hoop to jump through to weed out the known bad people.

In your position, I would send it to NCCPD.
 #69870  by WPCatfish
phlydude wrote:great, thanks for the info

Now to find who is in charge of the NCCPD...

Chief of Police, Colonel Scott McLaren 302-395-8010 SMcLaren@nccde.org

Or dial 911 and ask for Colonel Scottie
 #69922  by Mirlen
I couldn't resist. Just filled out my paperwork and will drop it in the mail tmrw! Had been pondering doing this and saw how simple the form was so I said what-the-hell!
 #69932  by bluedog46
Glad I read this. I actually thought they might consider it the sheriff, but I realize there is much controversy over the powers of sheriff. They seem to be paper pushers here.
 #70100  by phlydude
Amount: $30.00 USD
Merchant: ms1 ATF Licensing 5-3,866-6622750,GA,
Please note that the name of merchant may be different once the transaction is complete.

Payment accepted!

Let's see how long it takes until I get this thing!