If you have received communication from specific stores, malls, towns and cities regarding their firearms policies, good or bad, post them here.
 #91194  by stephpd
brich2929 wrote:Stephd is right on, you probably said it better than I could.

I watched Coilion Noir's Starbucks response last night (for the 3rd time) and I'll agree with him. If SBUX was pissed about Open carrying in their stores, then why didn't they just ban that and leave CC alone?

Its because they are ANTI.
They actually haven't banned anything, yet. You can still 'support' this company and give them money that will be used against you. I'd have preferred if they had remained more neutral and said again that they abide with state laws. Comments like your guns aren't appreciated here is a stance against what's been happening. For many gun folks you can't separate them from their guns. Don't like my guns then you don't like me. He sided more with the anti's, though still not banning guns.

As for Colion he's still evolving his position. Just a month ago it was more about CC and kinda opposed to OC. But he's moved more towards OC for those that want to. This latest video showing that. When he first started it was all CC since TX is so backwards they've never been able to OC. You're just normalized to that being the best and no 'need' to OC, though I find TX rather hot and trying to hide a gun a pain.
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I have been giving this more thought over the last few days and I feel I owe an apology to everyone. The more I think about it, the more I believe those open carrying the rifles and shotguns were not any part of the problem. While I still don't believe they are helping this cause at all, I shouldn't have been so brazen as to blame them for hurting our community.

I now see where my logic was flawed and I wanted to apologize for my brashness. Those choosing to OC an AR is no more a problem to me, than me choosing to OC a pistol a problem to CC advocates. I want to thank those of you that stuck by your opinions and helped me to understand where I went wrong in my thinking.

Exercising a right should never be an alarming situation to anyone. It is the anti-rights groups that push their fears onto the general public and cause us great harm in the end. Those are the people onto whom I will continue to focus my efforts.

Thank you, DelOC, for your help and support.
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