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 #112755  by Red Alert
I am looking for a pocket pistol in a .380. I would like to stay under 15oz if possible. I know many folks don’t want to part with a firearm in this day and age which is why I am offering my Kahr cw40 compact as a possible trade. The cw40 is brand new and, has only been out of the box three times to look at it. It has never been cleaned so it still has the factory oil on it. You can see it in the pictures.

I do not want to sell the cw40 outright. Like many folks I do not want to be down a firearm . So looking for a pistol for a pistol or my cash for a pistol.

I can send pictures if interested.
 #112757  by CorBon
380 is super difficult to get right now, and people are paying ridiculous amounts for it when they do find it.