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 #109313  by SasquatchAF

Looking to buy some truck parts so Im scrounging up some stuff to sell. Got some PMAGs I can get rid of if anyone is interested.


Gen 2 Window FDE - $14 (Many available)
Gen 2 Window BLK - $14 (Many available)
Gen 3 Non-Window BLK - $12 (Many available)
Gen 2 Non-Window BLK - $11 (Many available)

Buying larger quantities can lead to a better deal!

Shoot me a text if you are interested 302-922-0533
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 #109315  by dave_in_delaware
I'd be interested in some PMAGs, if only I didn't have a two-hour drive each way.... :(
 #109316  by GatorDude
There's some really cool services like the U.S. Mail and UPS for that problem.....
 #109318  by dave_in_delaware
OMG really?! I've never heard of those.... Please, tell me more!
 #109350  by SasquatchAF
Dave, I sent you a text as well as Astro.

To all others, original post updated (change in quantity to some of what is available)
 #109377  by SasquatchAF
Bump. Who's looking for some PMAGs????
 #110612  by SasquatchAF
Bump. Have ALOT of PMAGs available. If anyone is looking to make some money, I may be willing to cut a deal on the whole lot. Otherwise im still willing to work with folks on volume discounts
 #110943  by Owen
Do you still have a lot of pmags?
 #111312  by Owen
Got my order in yesterday. P-mags were new in the packaging. Great deal, great seller. Would buy from again! :D