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 #112518  by soundman2345
No longer reloading, so I'm selling my Dillon XL650 and supplies. I don't know the age but I just sent it to Dillon for refurbishing in December 2019, so it's basically a new machine. It includes the following:
Case Feeder
.45acp Dies
Powder Check
Strong Mount
Iline Roller Handle
Bullet Tray
19 Primer Tubes - 10 Small Primer, 9 Large Primer
Asking $950

Have setup for 9mm which includes:
9mm Dillon Dies
9mm Conversion Kit
Small Pistol Plate for Case Feeder
Asking $150

Also have bullets, primers, and brass available.

Email me for pictures at khaley2345@comcast.net
 #112526  by soundman2345
 #112527  by radnor
primers go with the machine?
 #112528  by soundman2345
Primers had been sold previously, sorry.