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 #112553  by ningling2016
I think a good deal of the Madden 20 coins problems that madden has is the absence of any true pocket forcing them to really adjust. In the NFL, a quarterback has on average less than 3 seconds to throw. However, in madden there is no semblance of a pocket because the defensive end wins with a cheesy animation or the defensive line gets stood up at the line of scrimmage allowing for running quarterbacks to go anywhere they need like 8 minutes.

Also you're spot on with defenders having the ability to stop on a dime. I really don't believe I have seen an Madden NFL participant be able to run whole speed one direction only for them to perform a complete 180 and continue at full rate.

If I used to fix madden I'd do 4 things:make an actual pocket and allow defensive ends to contain conducting qbs,Create sprinting full rate 1 management a commitment. Make the Madden NFL player need to recuperate like when running suicides, make audible adjustments take longer. Usually teams leave the huddle with two plays called. They could kill the first play and visit the second.

Anything else takes the qb to take some opportunity to look to both sides of the ball and then repeat it several times permitting the defense to cheap Mut 20 coins adjust back,remove the hitstick. Soccer has large hits but that is caused by momentum not anything the fuck madden is. I hate people who are standing still have the ability to just destroy a ball carrier running directly at them.