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 #106190  by DuramaxLLY7

Had my first long awaited OC experience tonight. Nothing to long, big or crazy. Met the fiance at Lone Star Steakhouse on 13 South for dinner tonight on her way home from work. I got there before she did and went in to get a table. Parked my pickup and holstered my G23 and walked up to the front door and checked for signs. Looked in took a deep breath and told myself your not in Jersey and strolled right in. Waitress lady took me to our table and I sat down n started checking out the menu. Michelle arrived and we had dinner chatted and got the check payed and strolled back out just as I strolled in with no problems at all. Definitely looking forward to the move across the river and having more good experiences as tonight.
 #106193  by Kuntryboy816
Congrats! It'll only get easier and less unnerving the more you OC. Hope to get to meet y'all at the next meeting.
 #106534  by DuramaxLLY7

Had my 2nd OC tonight. Me and the old lady met up with my parents for dinner for Veterans Day at Old Country Buffet by Christiana hospital. Was very packed tonight go figure but went without incident. Made 2-3 trips around the place and didn't catch any looks or notices that I was aware of. Gonna have to start getting out and around here in Smyrna with OC and see how the area and people are.
 #106551  by josephjanes
I've been going to that Old Country Buffet OC for about the last 2 years, and have seen others doing the same. They're used to it, and appreciate it.
They were giving free dinners to Vets and Active duty, plus it was a public holiday, so I'm not surprised it was packed.
I actually was there about 3pm same day (Veteran's Day), not crowded at all, but that's a slow time for any restaurant. And of course I was OC, so , as I said, they're used to it.
Bugaboo Creek next door is also OC-friendly.
 #106579  by DuramaxLLY7

Had some breakfast at the New Castle IHOP yesterday morning before some shopping at BJs. Had one gentleman as I walked in take a look and gave me a smile and a nod and that was bout it. If anyone else had noticed I didn't notice. Spent a while in BJs lookin around and was just as uneventful. Days like Friday are sure helping to get more comfortable with OC.
 #106585  by Kuntryboy816
Nice! I've never had any issues at any IHOP. I've been to the New Castle, Main Street and Rt.40 locations and always a good experience.