You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #106332  by josephjanes
Places NOT friendly to OC : Del-One Credit Union, 141B Main St, Newark - "No Weapons Allowed" sign posted in window,,: Janssen's Market, Greenville - after a customer complaint to manager while I was eating in their Cafe' , manager politely asked me to put gun in car. Surpisingly, the Secret Service had no problem a month earlier when Jill and Ashley Biden were lunching and I came in to eat. I saw the agents, but thought they were waiting on takeout, until I saw their 'protectees'. I went up and asked if they had a problem with me being there, and they said 'No, OC is legal in DE, and it's your right" . I was stunned !! But I just finished my lunch and left. No fuss, no muss.
So, I can't OC in Janssen's, but anyone who finds themselves in Greenville might want to stop in for coffee, breakfast, lunch , early dinner, or just to browse the grocery shelves. See if we can't get them accustomed to OC. I can't because I've had a request not to, any incident subsequent could be 'trespassing'. But it's not posted, so ANYONE else can !
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 #106334  by myopicvisionary
I have OCed in Jannsen's before without incident.
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 #106339  by josephjanes
Well, as I said , it was after a customer complaint. And if you know Greenville, then remember the quote from George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' -- "All animals are equal - but some animals are more equal than others" !!
P.S. - this happened about a year ago, fall, 2014.
 #106550  by josephjanes
Went to Charcoal Pit, Concord Pike , today. No problems.
Started CC in Newark Library, thanks to change in law.
 #108050  by josephjanes
Interesting encounter at Starbuck's, Main St., Newark on Wed 5-25-16. Drinking coffee and reading paper, a 40-ish WF asked if I was a policeman. I politely replied "No', and offered her the number for the Newark Police if she needed one. She asked why I was carrying a gun.
"Personal protection" I replied. Then she asked what if someone came up behind me and took it from me. "Well", I said," they'd have to figure out how to work the 2 safeties on the holster, etc., plus I am aware of my surroundings, so I'm not caught off guard". In a huff, she went to the manager to complain about someone quietly enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, not bothering anyone, and how could Starbuck's allow someone to sit in their cafe' with a gun on their hip. Manager politely explained she had no problem with it, I was in there just about every day (OC'ing) , and she was the 1st complaint she had had. Lady walked out in a huff, saying she would have to look into DE laws. I offered her the relevant Statute #'s, but she was having none of it ! I was quite surprised I did not get visit from NPD in next few minutes . I was sure she would call them.
 #108054  by myopicvisionary
We once had a group gathering at that Starbucks without any problems.
 #108059  by Amy Blackthorn
I have had someone call 911 because I was carrying. The dispatcher read them the riot act for wasting emergency response time and hung up on them

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 #108265  by josephjanes
Starbuck's -141 E Main St., Newark. Having coffee, OC'ing, lady came through OC'ing on left hip -30-ish WF -- whoever you are - KUDOS !!
 #108309  by josephjanes
OC'ing in Starbuck's today (141 E. Main St., Newark). 55-60-ish WM, pony-tail, earring, felt obliged to let me know 'that thing' is 'provocative'. I ignored him and kept on reading. He didn't seem to appreciate having his unsolicited opinion ignored !!
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