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 #110265  by josephjanes
This past Sunday, similar to Amy's. I'm sitting in Starbuck's, reading as usual. Lady asks pleasantly ' excuse me, are you a cop?' No, Ma'am, I reply. " Then why do you need a pistol ( at least she used correct terminology) , in a coffee shop, on a Sunday?"
I just bid her 'Have a nice day', and went back to reading. Anti-2A hate being ignored!
Since I pretty much go to the same Starbuck's, Acme (College Square), etc., I don't bother posting every day on the positive comments, nods, etc. I get all the time.
 #110277  by Amy Blackthorn
I'm surprised she didn't push the issue. People entitled enough to talk at you, usually aren't so easily dissuaded.

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 #110308  by josephjanes
Old Country Buffet, across from hospital. Staff is always pleasant. No looks, nods, scowls from patrons. Cashier said to co-worker (behind me, I guess he pointed at my hip) " Yeah, open carry is legal in Delaware". Good for her !!
 #110319  by josephjanes
Busy 2 days. Gave blood yesterday. No Looks, nods, questions. Keisha took me to room for vitals (she closed door), As I was leaving, exit scheduling clerk asked if I was a cop. When I said 'No', she was surprised when I explained OC was legal in DE.
Starbucks, 141 E. Main, Newark today.
1) Gentleman asked if I was a cop, or had my license. I answered I was not a cop, had a CDW license, but it was not required for OC in DE. He said he was from NJ, and no such freedoms were allowed in his state. I expressed my condolences, and bid him 'Have a nice day'.
2) 10 minutes later one of the baristas came over, and told me a 40-ish female customer gave her a raft of s**t about me being in there. Since I've come to know her, and all the staff, I asked her , in the future, to a) send the person to me to discuss their concerns, or b)tell disgruntled person to call NPD to report MWAG, but that the staff at Starbuck's is happy I'm in the store. As an aside, company CEO, Howard Schultz had published a full-page ad in NY Times 9-18-13 'requesting' customers not bring guns into stores, but that company would follow state laws, and also would serve ALL customers with a smile. I told barista (Debbie) that staff shouldn't be harangued because a customer has a different opinion over Civil Rights than I have.
3) 1/2 -hour later, gentleman with his 3-year old daughter was asking about OC and CCDW licensing process in DE. I referred him to Deloc website, after giving an overview answer to both OC and CC.
So, all-in-all, an interesting day !
 #110322  by Owen
Good for you!

I am not so sure about the MWAG suggestion. I don't know if DE 911 dispatchers would ask clarifying questions or just send the police. Ex Would the ask if it was holstered and the person was otherwise acting "normal" or would they just send the police?

The problem with sending the police on a MWAG call is they could think it is an active shooter type scenario and be dangerously keyed up when they arrive. A dude was shot while concealed carrying in a Costco because of a MWAG call and the responding cops were freaked and ended up shooting him. ... g-firearm/
 #110341  by Amy Blackthorn
+1 on the Costco story. I cancelled my membership over their anti-gun antics.

Delaware police ask clarification questions. I've had one (W)MWAG call while open carrying in Acme a few years ago. The dispatcher asked if I was threatening anyone, waving it around etc. "No she's just shopping."

He was threatened with arrest for harassing me and abuse of police resources. Every staff member who knows me laughs about it to this day.

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 #110352  by Owen
That's good to know. Thanks!
 #110425  by josephjanes
Friday, 8-25-17, went to Metro Diner, after all the rave reviews, and it's 1/2 mile from my house. Great Food !! Jumbo Chicken Pot Pie really is jumbo, and tasted just like Mom used to make ! No comments, looks , nods, winks, nudges, fear, etc. on OC.
This place should be considered for future monthly meeting ! I went at noon-ish on Fri, and it was full. May be a wait at dinner time.
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