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 #111642  by dave_in_delaware
josephjanes wrote:Sunday breakfast at Janssen's , again.
Is Janssen's Market and the eat-in area all OC friendly?

I used to work in Centreville but we'd often pick up lunches at Janssen's. I used to chat with the owner's daughter (a manager) but I never asked about the OC thing because I didn't want her to say "no" like so many other businesses do if you ask them first.
 #111643  by Owen
josephjanes wrote:You could have joined us at Grain Craft Bar for last night's monthly dinner. Could have chosen separate table, or next to us, if you wanted bit of privacy. Maybe we'll see you at dinner next month.
My dinner plans fell through at the last minute and I totally forgot about the Deloc one. :oops:
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