You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #108324  by myopicvisionary
Sorry to hear that he thought your hairstyle was provocative.
 #108335  by Sinker
josephjanes wrote:OC'ing in Starbuck's today (141 E. Main St., Newark). 55-60-ish WM, pony-tail, earring, felt obliged to let me know 'that thing' is 'provocative'. I ignored him and kept on reading. He didn't seem to appreciate having his unsolicited opinion ignored !!
Sounds like he doesn't have one of 'those things,' which might explain why he's provoked by your 'thing.'
 #108337  by Owen
You could have answered his random with some random of your own:

"Do you mean the John Carpenter movie or the original? I got the feeling in the original that it was an analogy for the cold war paranoia about infiltration of communist spies. Or are you talking about something else?"

 #108342  by josephjanes
Purebread Deli - 4001 Kennett Pike, Greenville after church today. I actually go there almost every Sunday after church, arrive 10AM, with my sister, who is very anti-2A !!
After 'poking the bear' (my sister) at Purebread, went down the road to Starbuck's to read the paper and sip on some good coffee. Never any problems from either place (at least not by management).
 #109029  by josephjanes
Bear Diner, 603 Pulaski Hwy.(Rt. 40), Bear, -- last Friday, 11-4-16. No fuss, no muss from management or clients. Good food and prices.
 #109037  by myopicvisionary
I have eaten there several times. Never any issues! Also recommend the Route 40 Diner.
 #109288  by JTB
I'v been doing OC for the last 2 or 3 years. I carry everyday and have had no problems going anywhere I normally would go. The only issue that I've had was at the local drug store here on Savanna Rd. in lewes. A young man approached me and said he was "store security". He then ask me to conceal my pistol as it was "scaring" the "old ladies",his words. I told him that I could not do that because he was asking me to break the law. He was very determined and nothing I said had any effect. Finally I ask him to get the manager, and I continued with my shopping. Neither he or the manager ever appeared. That was the only time that I've seen any kind of "security" in the store and have visited many times without any other problems.
I have found open carry to be so much different than what I would have expected. Instead of people being afraid and making a scene, I've had nothing but positive comments and many many people (strangers) tell me how great they think it is. I would encourage everyone to give OC a try, you will be surprised at the reactions you get.
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