You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #109295  by Kuntryboy816
I would have asked the cashier to see the store manager when I checked out.
1. To confirm that the said person was indeed store security and
2. To inform the manager and supposed store security that you were instructed to break the law.
3. Advise that the supposed store security personnel be educated on the limits of their authority.

Was the security person in uniform? I'm wondering if this was just someone trying to assert their non-existent authority by assuming the role of security.
 #109320  by Boots
Amy Blackthorn wrote:That's why folks generally have their name in their Log title.
Yup. :D
 #109959  by josephjanes
Starbucks, Main St. Newark today. Man tells me he just bought H & K, wants to get 'custom holster'. Where can he get one ?. How the heck should I know. I know what I use (off the shelf Serpa). Just because I carry, doesn't make me expert on every make/model/custom-made ! I suggest X-ring/Cabela's/Targetmaster. At least the interaction was positive, and I was happy I looked like an expert !
Anyone considering OC, it only feels weird the 1st 1-12 times. You get used to it, and most people either don't notice, don't care, or assume you're licensed in some way.
 #109967  by Kuntryboy816
Savoy Leather makes some really nice OWB holsters! Their a little pricey but really nice craftsmanship from what I've seen online and from the 2 people I know that have them.
 #110133  by josephjanes
FRIDAY, 5-19-17, Grain Craft Bar, 270 E. Main St., Newark. Had lunch w/ my daughter - GREAT Food, They customized my nacho order a little. Had several short, pleasant exchanges w/ manager on duty. No problems. To be sure, when I was leaving, I asked manager if there was any problem w/ me OC'ing in the future. She said 'No', they were 2A friendly, and First Responder-friendly. She pointed out wall poster that Newark PD has of all their 100 Trading Cards (of Officers, K-9's, etc.) hanging up.
I highly recommend this friendly and delicious restaurant for lunch or dinner ( although mgr. said a band starts playing most nights at 8pm). Personally, I'm not 'into' the loud music thing !!
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