You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #108510  by James Story
First of all I would like to say hello to everyone new to the group. Moved here from Florida in 2008 planning on shortly getting my Delaware CC permit but for now I have started open carry. The other day I went in Camden Walmart to get some prescriptions with no problem. Went to my place of business BCP Smyrna on my off day course my boss had something to say jokingly you here to stick us up. Then I went to The Vape Store then I came home no problem at any location look forward to meeting some of you guys and coming out to some of the events God Bless America. And God bless each of you.
 #108513  by Owen
:applause: Nice!
 #108516  by Kuntryboy816
Congrats and welcome to the site! :applause:
 #108519  by James Story
Anyone need a new or used car truck or Jeep Come see me at BCP Smyrna. I would love to meet some fellow gun folks.