You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #109078  by maurer22
I have not OC'd yet because my research on the laws throughout Delaware always confuses me and gets off track. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction so I can OC. Thank you in advanced.
 #109081  by soundman2345
Check out the "What is Open Carry" tab at the top of the page. Open carry is legal in Delaware because there are no state laws making it illegal, therefore making it legal by default.
 #109082  by Kuntryboy816
If you're available tomorrow night, come out to Old Country Buffet and have dinner with us. That way you can 1. OC with a group 2. Get to know fellow OC'ers 3. Discuss any questions you have about OC with knowledgeable folk. :D