You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #109609  by Sheetypants
So, since I'm new to open carrying figures I'd post my a log up. I'll back date to Friday since that was the first day I finally got a holster that fit my Taurus pt111 g2 well enough.

Friday 2/10
Went down to Seaford to Grotto Pizza to deliver a cake my girlfriend made. (I'm an ex-employee of Grotto, and I have worked at nearly all location from Kent County and Sussex county over 10 years) everything went well. Few managers I knew from other stores were there and everything was fine, fee made comments surprised I Was now OCing; few others just asked what I had.

There was also a corporate manager there and he had no issues. So first day went very well.


Went out to Gamestop in Milford to pick up a game, had a few glances but everything was fine. Repeated same scenario at Walmart afterwards, group of kids that walked by made a comment that I had it but that was all.

Stopped by Grotto in Milford for dinner (G/F works there as well and I was putting on new wiper blades on her jeep since she needed them as per a phone call earlier in the day haha).Girlscouts were up front selling their devilish wears (cookies) but the parents seemed fine, these were younger girls around 6-7 so I kinda had to dodge them as they ran around trying to hold doors for me and girlfriends daughter. Parents were fine.

So my first two days went very well. I don't know why I expected more interaction from othersz
I will carry in my car to work, and home, but not in work as I'm not sure our weapon policy. Not to mention it'll probably get in the way haha.
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 #109612  by Kuntryboy816
Congrats on your first OC outing! Stay safe and stay vigilant! :applause:
 #109613  by Owen
Great first log post! :applause:

OC get's more natural the more you do it. The feeling of the neon sign over your head goes away. It will be second nature in no time. :D
 #109628  by Sheetypants
Went out after work yesterday, went to Walgreens in Harrington, had no issues.
Had gone up to Dover, but since I don't have a permit to carry in Dover I took the magazine out and put the pt111 in my glove box and magazine in my door pocket, just in case. Hadn't planned on going to Dover so forgot I had pistol with me.
 #109629  by Owen
If you are storing a pistol the glove box is a bad place for it unless you have a CCDW: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=31

It can't be concealed and readily accessible even if unloaded. Better to lock it in the trunk or if a pickup behind the seat in a case unloaded. You should technically have the ammo in a different location like: pistol in trunk ammo in the passenger compartment back.

All that said I think the Dover law re-open carry is no longer enforced. There is a link around here to that. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=10732
 #109632  by myopicvisionary
Dover has been following state law for awhile now. Dover permits are now collector items!
 #109637  by Boots
myopicvisionary wrote:Dover has been following state law for awhile now. Dover permits are now collector items!
That fact should have been put in the "Current Issues" section a long time ago...
 #109645  by zach619
hi I just moved here from new jersey..i wanna open carry I just got a xd 9 4inch mod.2 I live in bear. is there places I should know about not to carry? and any tips? thanks