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 #110172  by Sbradley33
Hello all! New member here, just had a quick question. I tried Google and didn't find a satisfactory response.

If I am not a resident of Delaware, am I still legally allowed to open carry when in the state. I currently reside in PA where I have my concealed carry permit, but recently have been spending quite a bit of time in thr first state. I know DE does not have reciprocity with PA, but was curious to know if I could open carry.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Stay safe, and God bless!
 #110174  by astro_wanabe
Anyone who can possess firearms may OC. It is de facto lawful as there are no restrictions or qualifications specific to OC. As long as you're not a "person prohibited" from possessing firearms (felons, mentally incompetent, etc) and make sure it stays in the open you're fine.
 #110175  by Amy Blackthorn
Visible on three sides is Open in Delaware. Some states allow inside the waistband because it is visible, Delaware does not recognize that as openly carried.

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