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 #111702  by Curtiseliff
My Alien gear holster finally came in the mail yesterday so I hot to OC my bersa for the first time! I open carried once before different gun, and without the wife with me and that was over a year ago so it's been some time since I OC'd. I was surprised that when we left to pick up dinner in milton my wife didnt say much about me carrying, and seemed to be quite understanding of why I was doing so. As far as I noticed I only got one "weird" look from some older ladys as we were getting in our car to leave. I did see them talking amongst each other and point over towards my car but oh well (OCing is a rare thing in delaware it seems). Other than that nobody said anything although I did have that "Neon sign" feeling but that was expected lol. I'm going to start carrying every chance I get too and hope to see more of you fellow Open carriers out there!