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 #111004  by myopicvisionary
March 17th, 2018

Got a haircut at Sport Clips in the Newark shopping center. The ladies there have never batted an eye at my 1911.
 #111151  by myopicvisionary
April 10th, 2018

While grocery shopping at Zingo's, I got "The Nod" from the meat counter guy. Several patrons noticed and gave me "The Nod" as well.
 #111152  by airman1968
Its good to hear that you have had no issues in light of all the recent negative media coverage.

 #111181  by myopicvisionary
April 14th, 2018

On the way to the PPC match, I stopped for breakfast at the Stargate Diner in Seaford. Sitting at the counter, eveyone entering could see the 1911 on my hip. The only comment about me carrying was when the waitress asked "9mm?" I said "No, it's a .45" The guy sitting at the counter to my left piped up "Sweet!"
 #111198  by myopicvisionary
April 22nd, 2018

I was at Zingo's picking up some breakfast items today. The cashier asked me what make my pistol was. I told her it was a Kimber. Her response as she nodded in approval... "Quality".
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