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 #71  by myopicvisionary
March 16th, 2008
I open carried my Kimber .45ACP today. I left the house and walked through the neighborhood to the Speedy Gas station. I entered the store and the owner; who seems to live there, recognized me and bid me good morning. Several patrons saw my sidearm but showed no reaction. After using the ATM, I strode across Kirkwood Highway to the Dunkin Donuts. I stood in line waiting to be served with no reactions from anyone. I placed my order and waited for my breakfast sandwich and coffee. The whole time there were no acknowledgement of my armed status. Now when I got my order and sat down to eat, I noticed something strange. There was an order of hash browns in the bag that I did not order. Returning to the counter to let them know about the error, the clerk seemed to be waiting for me. Before I could finish my sentence, he said that they were free! So I said "Thank you" and sat down to eat. Was I a random customer that they gave a free sample to? Or was it because I was carrying a pistol in their establishment? Was it to appease me, though I don't know why? Perhaps he merely acknowledged that I was a good guy and bid me to return? On the return walk home I was passed by numerous people, none of which paid any notice.
 #136  by myopicvisionary
March 25th, 2008
OC'd to the Lowes across from X-Ring Supply. Absolutely no reaction from anyone in the building. I'm not sure if anyone even noticed that I was carrying.
 #147  by myopicvisionary
March 26th, 2008
OC'd at the Costco next to the Christiana Mall. I went all over the store to do my shopping. If anyone noticed my pistol, I couldn't tell. I even ran into my nephew at the checkout. If he saw it, he didn't bat an eye!
 #178  by myopicvisionary
March 27th, 2008
OC'd in Lowes again. No reaction from anyone whatsoever. A visit to the pharmacy in Happy Harry's (Walgreens) next to Deerfield was uneventful. During a quick stop to McDonalds at Route 4 and Harmony Road, one employee saw it but nothing was said.
 #203  by myopicvisionary
March 29th, 2008
OC'd today for lunch at Hooters on Rte 40. When I was almost done my meal, the manager came up and said " I assume you are a police officer". I told him "No, I'm not". He went on to say that if I was I would get a discount. I told him I appreciated that, yet no comment was made about me being armed. The ladies said "Come back soon" as I left. After lunch I strolled through the flea market at the Farmer's Market. Nothing was said and only the occasional second glance. Uneventful.
 #259  by myopicvisionary
April 3rd, 2008
OC'd alot today. I went to the AT&T store at Prices Corner. I was in there for close to an hour getting new phones for the family. Nobody batted an eye and I felt very comfortable with these people. Later I had supper at the Crossroads restaurant at Kirkwood Hwy. & Limestone Rd. I was alone so I sat at the counter. The counter is shaped like an "L" so a group of six seniors sat in a line perpendicular to my gun side. No commentary at all. Oh and the food is good too! After that, I spent a half an hour in the Ogletown Lowes. As usual, uneventful. The only hitch I had was my first stop of the day. I went to my barbershop in the Brookside shopping center. The barbers are cool; especially Lisa, but I realized as I parked, that my pistol would be concealed by the sheet as my hair is cut. So I secured my pistol in the car which was parked just outside the door where I could keep an eye on it. Yeah, I could have worn it and kept the sheet clear from my right side but I didn't want to risk it this first time OCing there.
 #263  by radnor
myopicvisionary wrote:Hooters
Is the the place for the next OC meeting?????? :D
 #265  by Wynder
radnor wrote:
myopicvisionary wrote:Hooters
Is the the place for the next OC meeting?????? :D
Hah! It's actually way too loud in there. For the May get together we'll put up a poll. ;p
 #266  by myopicvisionary
I went at 11:05 right after they opened. There were two other people at the counter. The crowd didn't come in until just after 12:00. Go to Ommelanden at 9:00, shoot for an hour and a half. Clean up/pack up at 10:30 then off to the Orange Shack!
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