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 #1422  by myopicvisionary
May 28th, 2008
Went to the NAAMCO pool store in the University Plaza. One clerk spotted the Kimber and gave me "the nod". From there it was a meal stop at Denny's on 273. I'm not proud of it but I was hungry! Then to Lowes to pick up some teflon tape to repair the leaking pool hose. Most of the people there know me as "Mary's guy who carries a gun". As usual, no problems.
 #1527  by myopicvisionary
May 31st, 2008
Went to A.C. Moore to get a birthday present for my niece. Two guys saw it and grinned. Then breakfast at the Crossroads. Sat at the counter as usual; everyone to my right saw it, but nothing was said which is normal for there. I went to the barbershop in the Brookside shopping center. The place was packed but nobody reacted. I kept my right side visible during the haircut. I sat in the first chair, so anyone entering the shop would see it. They raised their haircut price to $13.00! I did call the Newark PD earlier in the morning to verify that Brookside was outside the city and thus the NCCPD's balliwick. I then hit Casapulla's in Red Mill to get lunch for Mary. I wound up yet again at Lowes to give Mary her lunch. At Lowes, I talked to Blair who is one of Mary's co-workers. He has a Ruger .45 across the street at X-Ring Supply that he will pickup after work. Pity that I can carry there as a customer; but as an employee, he can't.
 #1533  by LordJim
Pity that I can carry there as a customer; but as an employee, he can't.
Huh? :o What's the story with that?

 #1538  by dave_in_delaware
Most employers don't allow their employees to carry. Liability issues, etc. My company doesn't allow deadly weapons on the premises, either (despite the owner and some senior associates being into gun collecting and clays).... but it doesn't stop me from having my Spyderco handy at all times.
 #1539  by LordJim
Yeah - but this is GUN store!

(it is, right?)

 #1541  by dave_in_delaware
I thought he was talking about Lowes...... :?
 #1542  by LordJim
Ah. Quite possible. I thought he was talking about X-Ring.

 #1550  by Mr. Bruce
Hey myopic...... I live near the brookside shopping center. Just remember..... There is an elementary school WAY less than 1000 feet from the shopping center at the next corner on marrows as you are heading toward Newark. I stopped OC there because of that. Just a friendly reminder.
 #1554  by myopicvisionary
Yeah, I took notice of the school as I was leaving. I had entered Brookside from Rte. 4 to avoid crossing the frontier at Marrors Rd / 273.
 #1627  by myopicvisionary
June 3rd, 2008
I went to the Christiana Mall to get a birthday gift for Mary. I stopped first in Macy's and then to FYE. No problems whatsoever!
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