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 #110251  by Amy Blackthorn
Never a dull day in my Acme. There were two Newark patrol cars out front when I arrived. Ran into Jester. The police were escorting out a woman who was attempting to drunkenly grocery shop with a fifth of whiskey. (For those of you outside of Delaware we don't have alcohol sales in grocery store) she brought her own from home. I stopped to chat with Beth and made my way to the breakfast foods.

I heard from the woman I'm walking past, "Excuse me..."

"Yes ma'am."

"Is that a real gun?"

"Yes ma'am it is." She doesn't say anything else so I head to the eggs.

"I didn't know Delaware had an Open Carry law." (Not going to lecture about laws and legality...)

"Yes, Open Carry is legal in Delaware."

"You don't know how many people you surprised today."

"I shop here every day, so not as many as you think."

It's funny when people assume everyone else feels the same way they do.

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 #110254  by airman1968
You handle those encounters very well....
 #110259  by Amy Blackthorn
airman1968 wrote:You handle those encounters very well....
Thank you. It can get tiresome depending on how confrontational folks get. Happily, it's not the first time, so I am confident about handling it. Sadly, it won't be the last time.

I have gotten more comfortable with, "Well why do you need a gun to grocery shop, nothing is going to happen HERE."

The Acme in the next town over had a man beaten to death in the frozen food section in broad daylight.

"My" Acme employs a convicted rapist who stalk(s)ed me for going on 6 years. He got a job there to prove he could get to me. I'd rather carry a gun than let him drive me out of MY space.
 #110296  by Amy Blackthorn
Yesterday involves a lot of errands. First was the dealership for oil change and tire rotation. They know me there, so no one was surprised to see my XD. One of the receptionists struck up a conversation about her filing her CCDW. She was under the impression that it was a license to carry.

Lunch stop at KFC up the street no one said anything. While at the dealership I got a call from the blood bank saying their A- was critically low so I headed there.

They called the whole county because they were slammed. There were five people ahead of me and by the time I got called up, six people had come in behind me.

I got up to use the Ladies' (of course) my name got called. The woman taking me back was cordial in letting me know she'd wait. I came out and the woman had disappeared. The receptionist said, "Uh, she went to...ask a question" (looks at my hip) "you can sit down if you'd like".

She came back and escorted me to a room. Did not close the door. (There is sensitive information discussed, they ALWAYS close the door.)

She tried to make polite chatter but was visibly uncomfortable. I didn't think trying to ease her discomfort was going to happen.

She let me know she would not be the one sticking me. (Whew! Lol)

I went out to the donation chairs and got with my phlebotomist with no issues. He was great. My veins are crap and usually no one will touch my arm, they have to get a supervisor to do it.

The donor coordinator thanked me for coming in by name and wished me a good day. In no way was she unprofessional, or rude. Just wish she felt she could have talked to me about her discomfort. I'm good with it. Even the most strident of the anti-gun people I know, are happy I carry. Just because i talk to them.

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 #110297  by NCC
You're a scary lady.
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 #110301  by Amy Blackthorn
NCC wrote:You're a scary lady.
I get that a lot.
viper98 wrote: she's a class act............

Thank you Viper, you're the best. PS We have a new person in common, you have spectacular taste in neighbors. :)
 #110382  by Amy Blackthorn
Carried in Metro Diner where Wawa used to be. No one cared. There was a 25 minute wait when I got there. They were too busy to care. ;)

They have too much seafood on their menu for me to be able to eat there again but I'm glad they were cool about it

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 #110383  by NCC
That ain't a dinner. Pulled in one night after leaving Del. Park at 10p and they had been closed for an hour already. On a Friday night no less!
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