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 #38798  by jslacker
OC'd today for the first time in public (kinda), granted it was just in my complex, but small steps. I walked my dog around my building and stopped in at my brother in laws house (he lives in the same neighborhood). I think the only person who really took notice was the retired LEO that lives down the block, I think hes still in some form of "official duty." He smiled as I walked by, but didn't say anything, but my wife said he noticed for sure. Funny, she didn't even notice until he took note! I'm looking to OC with my brother in law now that i have educated myself a little more on the laws of OC in this state. Im hoping to OC in a more public, privately owned establishment soon, just got to get my wife a little more comfortable about OC'ing.
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 #38799  by GatorDude
Nothing wrong with small steps at all. Congrats on taking your first.... :applause:
 #38800  by photog
Congrats on your first OC walk!! :applause:

It will get much easier with time.... you will also find that most people don't even notice or care that you are carrying.
:pointlaugh: only security guards that are afraid because you are better equipped than they are.....
 #38805  by jslacker
ok, so round two didn't go so well for me tonight. Not that I had a bad experience or anyting. Here is what happened... So I SERPA up and proceed to take the doggers out for her last squat of the night and noticed a NCC cruiser parked down the street, I think twice if I should step back in and leave the glock on the bookshelf. I convince my self not to and proceed on my walk. It is now that I see that there are a total of 5 cruisers and another coming my way :shock:! A fellow dog walker warns me of some K9 activity in the direction I was going with the dog. After I realize something was afoot a totally lost my nerve to walk by that many LEOS while they were actively searching for something or someone with my gun. So needless to say I stepped back inside, left the glock on the bookshelf and took the doggie the opposite direction to finish her business. Still not sure what was going, I assume they were looking for something, as they weren't moving too fast, but then again... 8-). Shame , I feel weak for wussing out, but I think like everyone has said it's awkward as hell when you first start to OC, and it's something that gets easier with time. I`m chalking this one up to first day jitters lol. Thoughts, comments always welcome
 #38806  by SCUBA9097
You didn't "wuss out". Frankly, you did a smart thing. Even though the police were present, there was a strong possibility of a dangerous situation. Not danger from the police, but whatever or whomever they were looking for. You avoided that situation.

Let's say the police are searching the 100 block for a man who just robbed someone. You walk past the area where the police are and continue on your way. When you are walking down the 200 block, the assailant they are looking for pops out from behind the bushes.

As far as leaving the firearm at home, it wasn't a "wuss" thing, it was a personal comfort zone thing and there's no shame in that. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will become.
 #38807  by photog
Actually, given the events you describe, IMO, you made the right choice. The LEO's were obviously looking for something or someone. There is no sense in giving them 1 more thing to consider, or adding to the complications of whatever they were doing.

Kudos to you!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

edit: +1 to what Ted said!!
 #38808  by jslacker
:) thanks gentlemen this is re-assuring. Thanks for the support! ;)
 #38809  by GatorDude
I can't say I'd do anything different myself. Why invite trouble? Of course, you were not doing anything wrong either way. Judgment call. You made it. No one can fault you IMO.
 #38820  by P2riquen
That was a good call! It's always best to use common sense....hey! I made a rhyme! :pbjtime:
 #38833  by dave_in_delaware
It's up to you whether you take your gun with you in every situation. I used to "pick and choose" when and where I carried when I was new to OC. I'd leave it home if I was going to certain places, or if I just didn't want to "bother" with holstering it up.... But never again. I carry EVERY DAY, no hesitations, no debates. Cops or not, I'm carrying. YMMV of course.

I would think that if the police are looking for someone or something, that would be a red flag that something might be wrong, so I would DEFINITELY want to be armed myself, just in case whoever they were looking for ended up trying to attack me. If I was carrying, I could defend myself. If I left my gun at home, I could be dead instead. Again, YMMV.

I'd like to extend an open invitation to you, jslacker, since you're in Bear, too. If you'd like to OC somewhere more public, let me know. I'll join you. I know that it's a little intimidating to OC in public places at first, because you feel like you have a neon sign pointing at you that you have a gun. Being with someone else who is carrying might help you get used to it a little easier. Let me know. I'm sure others will extend the same invitiation out to you.
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