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 #28  by Wynder
March 1st, 2008: Today was a day with with the family today... XD9 in my SERPA. Gray dress pants, black dress shirt.

First, I started off on my own and hit Supercuts in Governor's Square II and got a trim. Only think a couple of people noticed -- no real reaction.

I then headed next door to Moe's for a quick lunch. The manager there has seen me on a couple of occasions and has never mentioned it either.

Met the wife and kids at American Signature in Governor's Square I (used to be Value City Furniture) to buy a dresser for my youngest daughter. No reaction.

We then headed out to the mall to Build-A-Bear since my oldest daughter was good all week. I was mostly concealed since I was wearing a jacket, but unconcealed for payment, and no real reaction.

Lastly, I headed out to BJ's for a few bulk sundries. When I got to the registered and paid by credit, the cashier, for some reason, asked to see my credit card so he could verify the signature, which seemed a bit odd to me because my membership card, which he had in his hand, had my picture plastered on the back. Granted, I was wearing sunglasses, but he kept peeking down at my sidearm and checked the signature pretty well... I'm not sure whether I should be suspicious or thankful for an attentive cashier.
 #57  by Wynder
March 22, 2008:


Today, we obviously had the get together at the range and then brunch afterwards at IHOP which all went nice.

The hostess, at one point, turned around and asked, "Okay, I gotta ask... what do you guys all do? Are you cops?"

I just said, "Nope!" and someone quickly chimed in, "Mechanical engineer..." "Chef" "IT Guy" and right on down the line. Outside of the hour wait when we were in front of a window of an older trio having breakfast who was pulling a serious :shock: :shock: :shock: all went well. :)

2pm: Took the family out to Jakes for lunch -- all went well there. We hit the flower store to get a plant for my future brother-in-law's parents for Easter tomorrow... went out to the car to put it in the trunk and walk back to the family who were heading to Ritas for water ice. As I got up by the sidewalk and passed the Urban Clothing Center, a couple of bangers were saying, "Oh, damn! Check it out! He just carryin' it out there!"

It was a bit entertaining, but I smiled and made my way up to Rita's for strawberry water ice... Mrmrmmmm..
 #89  by Wynder
March 22nd, 7pm: So, I drove up to Reading, PA -- it was my neice's 16th Birthday and my sister rented a hall to throw her a "Rave" style party and all of her chaperone's had bailed on her. Having my Pennsylvania LTCF, I found this as a great opportunity to use it for the first time. :)

All in all there were about 40 "kids" ages 16-21 there... I was hanging around outside mostly since the kids were prone to leaving the property and it was late at night. As I was standing outside, one of the "kids" came up to me and leaned in.

Him: "Excuse me, but might you be packing heat?"

Me: "Sure arm."

Him: "Are you a cop?"

Me: "Nope -- I just carry for personal defense."

Him: "The whole Second Amendment thing? That's cool, I rather admire that."

He then went on to explain how he had done his senior research paper on Gun Control. I'd asked him what his conclusion was and he said (somewhat unsurely), "You know, it's about the people, not the guns." I'm not sure if he was saying this because he was in the presence of an advocate, but he also told me he was 20 years old. I went over a few of the talking points about laws only being followed by the law-abiding and how PA was a shall issue state and he could apply for his license next year.

It was nice to see a small glimmer of interest, but the night was, thankfully, uneventful... few kids trying to go into dark places outside to catch a smoke. Yay for the tactical flashlight. :)
 #150  by Wynder
March 26th, 10pm: I headed out to the pub tonight to play some music, so I tossed a sweater over my firearm -- I usually tend to conceal or have an option to conceal when I'm there since it's hit or miss on whether or not its crowded and I'm in close quarters with other people.

Though, I did have a nice discussion with some older guys, one of whom was a Ron Paul supporter, and the topic of gun rights came up and he asked me if I owned, to which I replied by lifting up my sweater. Big smile.

Afterwards, I hit the taco bell across the street OC'd. No looks, no problems.
 #180  by Wynder
March 28th: Hit Home Depot in People's Plaza. Went to pick up some joint compound and some paint chips to figure out what color I'll be painting the master bathroom. All went well. :)
 #189  by Wynder
March 28th: Went out to Lowes to pick up a new bathroom mirror and towel racks -- finished painting the ceiling and the doors. :) After that we dropped on over to Moe's for some tacos.

I think there may be something 'disarming' (forgive the pun) about OC'ing when you have your 4 1/2 year-old daughter with you.
 #192  by dave_in_delaware
Wynder wrote:I think there may be something 'disarming' (forgive the pun) about OC'ing when you have your 4 1/2 year-old daughter with you.
What do you mean exactly? You mean that having the main reason you carry walking right next to you makes it all kind of "self-explanatory"? LOL.

If I'm ever out w/ my kids, and someone asks me why I carry a gun, all I'm gonna do is pull my children close to me, smile, and say "to protect that which matters most."
 #209  by Wynder
March 29th: 8:30pm. Went out to Home Depot to pick up a light fixture for my bathroom -- almost done the wall stuff! (New Lights, new fixtures, painted, new mirror. Only vanity/sink left!). Guy who was helping me pick out a fixture took notice but didn't say anything.

Afterwards I hit the BK right there to grab a burger, once the cashier noticed, he got oddly quiet, but the manager was cool.

On a side note, this is actually the first time I wasn't dressed nicely when I OC'd. I had on a polo and a pair of jean shorts half covered in paint. I was a bit apprehensive.
 #285  by Wynder
Didn't open carry much today -- in-laws came to visit and found out that my father-in-law's companion (both from the People's Republik of New York) actually grew up in a family of hunters and fishers, so I hijacked her and hit Ommelanden.

It was dead. We were the only ones there for a time. Well, before we hit Walmart on 13/40 for ammo, but they were out. No 100 round packs, and no 50's. WTF? Anyone else notice they've been light on the ammo as well?

In any case, today my wife dropped the bomb on me... she actually wants to learn how to shoot now as well. I don't know if it was because I'd gotten her dad (totally not a gun person) and his companion talking about the "Reckneck Shootin' 'Lympics" they did when they were visiting some of her family down in Florida these past couple of weeks or what.

She's still apprehensive about it, says she has no interest in getting a CCDW and probably not wanting to carry in general, but wants to know how to be able to use it.
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