You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #3663  by cappilot06
That always cracks me up when people stare. Not sure what their purpose is in doing it. Guess their parents never told them that staring is rude. :D

I've started just staring back at them until they look away. If they ask me why I'm staring, I'm just going to tell them I'm returning the favor. :lol:
 #3665  by Wynder
Went out today to Walmart to pick up so ammo, no issues. Then I headed into Wilmington - parked and secured my firearm.

First I headed into the County Building. Going through security, one of the guards asked me which department I worked in... I told him none, that I was actually looking for the Recorder of Deeds. He said, "No, I saw your holster, what police department?" I told him, "None, I just usually carry." He looked between me and his partner a couple of times like he didn't know it was legal and I walked away.

Then, I headed down to the County Courthouse to register my commission with the Prothonotary. The guard asked my what I had on my side -- I told him, "My holster, " he also asked me who I worked for so, answering honestly, I replied, "Delaware Tech" to which he repeated the name, nodded and gave me my stuff.

So, not really OC'ing per se, but props to security for being on alert and noticing.
 #3666  by dave_in_delaware
So, did the screws on your SERPA set off the detectors? ;)

I'm willing to bet that they all thought OC was "illegal" for normal civilians. When I've asked the "guards" at the City/County building if they had a place to secure my weapon (instead of my car) they usually look at me like I'm insane. I've also called the courthouse and they told me about the lockers. Little did I know they meant the lockers in the parking garage. Like I want to disarm in front of everyone and trust my loaded weapon to a 50¢ locker in the wall.
 #3667  by Wynder
Nope... a penny or something in my wallet did, though.
 #3668  by cappilot06
I will definitely have to wear my holster when I visit the Prothonotary's office to file my gun class certificate for my CCDW. I'll even hand out a few of the cards Dave made up to the ones who have the funny looks on their faces. ;)
 #3670  by organized_mayhem
Since I live in Maryland where open carry is not legal and it is almost impossible to get a permit. I started wearing an empty holster in a silent protest like what is being done at some colleges around the country. While I have never been asked about it, I'm sure some people have taken a second look to see if there was a gun in it.
 #3671  by Wynder
 #3673  by dave_in_delaware
That's a good silent protest... well, until you need to defend yourself w/ an empty holster. :banghead:
 #3674  by cappilot06
It's sad but true about MD. I'm from Cecil County and parents still live there. You pretty much have to be assaulted, mugged, raped, etc before you will be issued a permit unless you work in a job that might require it (i.e. transporting money, etc). The State of MD forces you to become a victim FIRST and then MAYBE they'll let you carry.

It's unreal.
 #4323  by Wynder
Had my Basic Instructor Training today -- I do my Basic Pistol Instructor training next week, after which I'll be starting the process of scheduling and organizing classes once my instructor privileges are instated.

I've been considering breaking it out into two parts -- the first part will be the official NRA Basic Pistol Course, so you get that certification, you get the Practical patch and rocker and you kind of focus on continuing your training. Then, a second course would cover the items required for Delaware's CCDW as well as practical application and advanced training.

In any case, if anyone is interested regardless, please let me know -- I'll certainly be offering discounts on either program to DELOC members.

ANYWAY... On my way back from training, I hit Domino's on Rt40 by Route 1 and ordered a pizza for carryout -- a couple of very brief interested looks, but not a single word.
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