You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #4326  by cappilot06
Just wanted to say Congrats Rob!! I will be forwarding any business I can think of your way.
 #4327  by Wynder
That would be greatly appreciated!
 #4449  by Wynder
Well, I completed my Pistol Discipline today... The Training Counselor was nice enough to hold the applications for those of us who took all of his classes to submit them at once so we didn't get charged with multiple processing fees.

However, I am now a Certified Range Safety Officer an an NRA Instructor with the credentials to teach pistol. And with that, I'll shortly be open for business! I'm offering the NRA F.I.R.S.T. Steps program and the NRA Basic Pistol Course.

Once you take the Basic Pistol Course, you'll be able to take the Delaware CCDW course and the Florida License course. If you're in the New Castle area and you're looking to take either of these, please contact me -- I'll give a good discount to DELOC members on the condition that you recommend me to someone you know who might be interested. :)
My website, currently under development:
So, to the actual open carry part. After I completed my course today, I went home and picked up my little girl. I OC'd out to Lonestar (Khaki shorts, Red Polo). They had to have noticed, because me and Lily were waited on HAND AND FOOT. I can't count the number of times I had my waiter and two different managers stop by asking me if my service was good, if my food was alright or if I needed anything.

I sat in a table in the middle -- I kind of wish I'd asked for a booth, but the people around me certainly took notice as well. An elderly lady and her daughter in the booth next to us stepped up to the table, but only wound up remarking at how nice my daughter was behaving. In fact, outside of the occasional glances, the only things the few patrons had said were about her. Heh!

After that, I hit the Citgo on 13 to fill up for heading down to DSF's tomorrow then I hit the Walmart to pick up 200 rounds of ammo. I'm considering this a training trip so I can expense it, bwah! No looks at all at Walmart, either...

A good day!
 #4451  by dave_in_delaware
Congratulations, Wynder! That's awesome.
 #4618  by Wynder
Hit Starbucks in People's Plaza for some iced tea and Happy Harry's in Fox Run for some kettle corn. No issues.
 #4846  by Wynder
Hit Philly airport last night to pick up the mother-in-law... decided to conceal, just to avoid any hassles. When we got back into Delaware we hit the grocery store around 10:30pm and OC'd. No issues at all.
 #5158  by dave_in_delaware
Come on, man! Keep up w/ your log! ;)

Didn't you OC in the Millsboro Wawa on Saturday? Did anyone notice? Etc....
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