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 #12661  by Boots
Wynder wrote:
... "Thank you, have a nice gun....
That cracked me up. ... fortunately, I wasn't holding my coffee cup! :lol:
 #12695  by Wynder
Sunday: Cleaned out my car in my drive way and headed out to the new Car Wash on Route 40 and Salem Church Road. Parked for the free vacuum and spent about 10 minutes vacuuming -- couple of looks but no one really paid any attention.

Off and across the street to Autozone to get some towels and air freshener. No reaction. My 5 year-old wanted a drink and something to eat so I hit the Wawa right there and started by spending another 10 minutes putting air in my tires, since the bloody cord wouldn't pull out, I had to drive each tire in front of the pump. Then we parked and went inside and spent 7 or 8 minutes getting our food and drink. No reaction.

Once I realized that Rita's was opened, we quickly scarfed down our food and got some water ice -- no reactions.

Good OC day, though I may pop out again to get more water ice and, maybe, a pretzel.
 #12696  by LordJim
since the bloody cord wouldn't pull out
What, are you a Brit now?

 #12701  by Wynder
Oy... how's about some bangers and mash?
 #13823  by Wynder
OC'd last night to Old Country Buffet with my two babies for dinner with the group. Great company, sub-par food, but it was crowded as hell and folks took notice -- not a single negative incident, though.

Had fun meeting up with you gentlemen!
 #13876  by LordJim
not a single negative incident, though.
All those guns? Out in the open? And nobody got shot?

*shakes head*

Rob, clearly you're doing it wrong!

As these outings get larger and larger it might be time to consider inviting the media.

 #23705  by Wynder
Occasionally -- when I get out... As it stands, life has been killing me; I'm on the road at 6:30am and work until 5pm. A few days out of the week I teach from 6pm - 10pm. My work, being an educational institution prohibits me from carrying.

Outside of that, I'm generally home with the family or doing side-work where I'm unable to carry at all. So, the rare chances when I get time to myself and I go out for personal enjoy, I still do OC, yeah. Those opportunities have just been far and few between.

I wish, Wish, WISH life would let up a little, heh!
 #23710  by dave_in_delaware
Wynder wrote:I wish, Wish, WISH life would let up a little, heh!
It does, after you're dead. So stay busy!
 #25635  by Wynder
Lot of fun last night at the Hibachi Buffet -- was very nice to see everyone again!

Just had one guy who called himself "Shorty", although he was decidedly NOT short, ask us very nicely about things. He was from Maryland and thought we might've been game wardens, but was pleased to hear who we were and what we were doing and gave us his support.

Very nice evening all around.
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