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 #109834  by Kuntryboy816
March 18th

Took the boys and one of the dogs with me to a Jeep meet and greet over at Cabelas. Since I was hosting, I stopped by DD on Rt. 40 across from Governor's Square to pick up a few dozen donuts. Was in there approximately 5-6 mins and no one patronizing or working there were alarmed by my M&P. The people working there are always very polite. We hung out in the parking lot at Cabela's for a while talking with everyone and then I took the boys and dog into Cabela's. Had an excellent convo with the marketing manager, Eric. As usual, Cabelas is very OC friendly... and kid friendly... and dog friendly too! :D
 #109990  by Kuntryboy816
Wednesday March 19th

Wed night, after a relaxing few hours of fishing, my cousin and I decided to grab some dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger on Main Street. We were greeted and seated at a table but before I sat down, I went to wash the fishyness off my hands. When I came out of the restroom, I immediately noticed the couple sitting at the table behind ours. The gentleman was OC. I caught his eye, gestured to his hip and said, "Thank you!" He asked me what I was thanking him for and I said "Thank you for carrying." We introduced ourselves and had a chat but I kind of felt like I was interrupting their dinner/convo, so we kept it brief. I really wish that I could remember his name but as usual my memory fails me... Neil, maybe? I was CC that night but mentioned that I frequently OC as well and also mentioned DelOC. He stated that he had heard of us and also that he had been on the website as well. Anyways, they left shortly after we had ordered but it was nice to run into another OC'er there. I ran into Mr. & Mrs. Myopic there a while back as well. Always good food and the manager and waitstaff are very friendly and perfectly OK with OC as well. :D
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