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 #98692  by Kuntryboy816
ptlion wrote:Thanks for sharing your journal. As I am new to OC, I'm still nervous as hell when I'm out.
No problem at all. If you ever want to hang out just give me a shout. I'm usually available after 3pm throughout the week. OC'ing with other people will build your confidence quickly.
 #98696  by Kuntryboy816
May 22nd

Yesterday I met my brother and his family over at Cabela's. I got there a few minutes before they did. The greeter was nice and polite as were the two guys standing at the little podium just past the restrooms. I took a sales ad from the lady and had a seat while waiting for them to show up. They finally arrived and were able to walk in between the bursts of heavy rain that kept hitting us. We spent about an hour and a half in the store just window shopping. Had a few idle convos with other patrons about some camping/survival gear and also some of the nicer firearms in the showroom. No one asked about or ran away from my pistol.

After that we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. No issues with any of the staff or customers concerning my pistol. I highly recommend the chile relleno burger. It was the 1st time I had it (trying to be adventurous) and it was amazing! Had the apple crisp w/ ice cream for dessert (I don't do cheesecake) and took a slice of cheesecake home for the wife and kids. We didn't leave until almost 22:00 so I didn't have time to go into the Apple store to see about getting my screen repaired. Next time, I guess.
 #98932  by Kuntryboy816
May 29th

Yesterday after work, I drove over to Newport/Stanton to meet a lady I have been corresponding with through Craigslist about a gun safe. I had to stop and get cash so I stopped at the Wawa @ Rt. 40 and Rt. 7. Parked in the far corner of the lot as I had the trailer w/ the Jeep. Went in, tapped the Mac and left. As I was walking past this white sedan, a guy rolls down the window and says, "Hey what kinda Glock you got there?" I smiled and responded that it was a S&W and w/o breaking stride I bid him a good afternoon. I appreciate you striking up a conversation but not while you're in a vehicle and I'm standing in the rain. :roll:

From there, I proceeded to her house. I walked up to the door and knocked... which set off the little fur covered attack dog. :lol: She came to the door, greeted me and invited me in. She never questioned my sidearm or acted uncomfortable the entire time. I just figured it was just b/c she was comfortable around guns... I mean, I was buying a gun safe from her, right? Well, during our convo she said the safe was purchased to store valuables such as coins, jewelry, etc. I guess my charming demeanor won her over and put her at ease. We chatted for about 15 mins as I checked out the safe. We completed our transaction and I hauled away a 2 year old Sentry safe for 25% of it's original price! FTW
 #98938  by Fishhunter911
Nice score!! I have been watching CL for a nice rifle safe. Cannot seem to find one... :applause:
 #98940  by Kuntryboy816
Dugan wrote:You and your brother (Im assuming) got your workout for the day haha

And that poor jeep prob barely made it home
Pfah! Brother? I hauled that 335 lb beast around on my own. The Jeep was just a bit slower pulling the trailer. Almost bit the rear end of some jerk on Rt. 1 @ the 95 interchange. Let's just say it was most definitely a pucker moment.
Fishhunter911 wrote:Nice score!! I have been watching CL for a nice rifle safe. Cannot seem to find one... :applause:
I got REALLY lucky on this find! I had taken my laptop to work to peruse CL for a safe. Was so busy that I never got the time to even pull the laptop out of my bag. Later that afternoon when I got home from work, I jumped on and started looking. First ad was this one and it had only been put up about 3 hours before. I emailed her immediately hoping it wasn't already gone. I got a call a few hours later while at Cabela's and it was the seller. She told me she still had it but that she was heading out of town for Memorial day weekend and wouldn't return until Wednesday night. She promised to hold it for me and contact me when she arrived back in town. Got a call early yesterday morning and we set up a time to meet. I was pretty excited when I walked through her front door to say the least.
 #98941  by Roach
I thought the mall does not allow open carry, I understand that you went to Cheesecake Factory, but are we allowed to carry inside the mall?
 #98943  by Kuntryboy816
Roach wrote:I thought the mall does not allow open carry, I understand that you went to Cheesecake Factory, but are we allowed to carry inside the mall?
I've been in the mall several times since October and haven't had any issues. I've been in the food court, the kids play area, the tuxedo shop...
 #98965  by phlydude
Signs on the doors (I understand that they have all been removed) do not have legal standing. If you are asked to leave, you must or then you will be trespassing.

With all the state police presence at the mall, I'm guessing management has changed their minds...
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