You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #106372  by josephjanes
Read GFSZ law carefully (Title 11, Sec. 1457). It only applies to 'Concealed Carry', and even then, exempts CC if you have a CDW license. At least according to my instructor and my reading of the law.
If you were at Wilmington University, it is a private university, and they can make their own rules 'on property'.
 #106376  by Owen
I wasn't on a university's property just the city street in Wilmington. As I posted in other threads DE law trumps Fed law in this case in my opinion.

This is the part that I think makes DE law apply:

18 U.S.C.§922.(q)(4) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed as preempting or preventing a State or local government from enacting a statute establishing gun free school zones as provided in this subsection.

My take away is even driving around OC-ing under the Federal definition is unlawful if in a GFSZ but this is not enforced in DE because our law, which is not preempted, is less strict.

I do this all the time so we shall see if anything comes from it. :sparring:

 #106398  by josephjanes
Best way to meet legal standard, state and fed., is to get CDW license . The list of what qualifies as a GFSZ in Delaware (Title 11, Sec.1457) is so broad, that it's going to be almost impossible in NCC above the canal to get from point A to point B without passing through at least 1 GFSZ. e.g.Boy's Club across from Canby Park, Wilm. is a GFSZ. Serviam Field on Rt. 141 is a GFSZ. Intersection of Rt. 896 and Rt. 4 (UD Stadium) is a GFSZ.
 #106399  by Owen
Nah, I don't need a government permission slip. I'm fine with OC. But thanks anyway.
 #107500  by Owen
I've also been home carrying lately. Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it in my book.
 #107504  by pick_six
I've been saying this to my wife lately. First as an exercise in getting use to carry but also just in case, for the same reason.

Where we are, there have been some home invasions during the day, while most folks are at work. as you said, better to have....
Owen wrote:I've also been home carrying lately. Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it in my book.
 #107505  by Owen
We've been also been thinking about additional storage locations. That way something is always available.
 #107979  by Owen
Been a while since I updated here. Been Home carrying and while I am out.

Last Thursday I went to Radio Shack in Peoples Plaza. One of the Sprint reps out front said "thank you for open carrying" which was nice! They are always pro at that Radio Shack which is why I go there on occasion.

Next we went to Happy Harry's, sorry, 'Walgreens'. No problems at all. We stopped at the pharmacy counter. I nodded to a fellow waiting there. I didn't see it but my daughter later said he made the :shock: when he saw my P226 but his 'surprise' when away when she looked at him with a teenager "what?" :roll:. The fact that I was there with her and my oldest boy probably calmed him down. :lol:

A weird thing happened walking back to the car. A 'urban' looking crown vic with lots of chrome and both headlights and driving lights on pulled through into the spot next to my car. But when he saw me walking in my car's direction he backed up and left. Not sure what that was all about. Deterrent in effect? 8-)
 #108096  by Owen
Interesting Saturday morning. Tried to use my debit card but it didn't work. We were out already so I stopped by the TD bank on Rt.7 and 40. We waited in the lobby for the next available customer service rep. When my turn came we went over and sat down and took care of the problem. They didn't like a transaction and had put a hold on my card "for my protection" but never called me like they are supposed to. Grrr. :x It was cleared up fast and we went on our way. Not a peep was made about the SIG on my hip. :D

I've OC'd there before with no issues.
 #108098  by Boots
Owen wrote:... I've OC'd there before with no issues.
I've OC'd at that branch of TD Bank for many years. Obviously, they're smart enough to realize than someone with bad intentions will illegally conceal their gun until they're ready to pull it out and that someone merely open carrying in a holster is not a threat. 8-)
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