If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #90276  by radnor
Glad you and your family are safe.

Agree with calling 911 on the way home.
 #90282  by Fishhunter911
Glad everything worked out in the end. You handled it well. I do have a question though. If he was beside you or in front of you the whole time, how in the world did he get your tag number?

Just throwing this out there, could he have seen your firearm in the dash at any time prior and possibly stage this in a form of protest? I know this is waaay out there but one never knows these days. Highly unlikely but anything is possible.
 #90285  by cappilot06
After he had pulled onto the left shoulder, and when I tried to get past him, I was able to pull ahead slightly before he started pacing me. That is the only time, I can tell, when he would have had a chance to see the license plate.

As far as when he first saw, I cannot say completely, but it appeared that the first time he really saw it was when I was reaching for it. Regardless, whether or not he was trying to protest is not my problem or concern. Nor should it be. Whether I carry it on my hip or on the dash, he has no right to threaten and act like he is attempting to do bodily injury. This is the same argument the DSP officer was trying to make...that I may have egged on the situation. Case law in DE has come down on the side of those that carry. Someone's discomfort or anger over seeing my firearm does not constitute a crime on my part and does not give someone the right to act the way he did.
 #90287  by Fishhunter911
I completely agree with you. However, there is an increasing amount of "swatting" going on in this country and I was just thinking out loud "what if". I carry everyday sometimes OC and sometimes CC, I really do not care if anyone likes it or not. Just something new we have to be on the lookout for unfortunately.

I guess one more reason to always call in first should something happen.
 #90319  by stephpd
Good job! :applause:
 #90323  by mdak06
Thank you for sharing. Glad it turned out ok.
 #90495  by outrun

Whichever way I may word this can come off as offensive --- or not. I do not know the ages of your girls or their nurture. What disconcerted me most regarding this situation was that an already dangerous set of circumstances were aggravated by hysterical behavior. On one hand I can understand when young children cannot process these circumstances. What I will say is that from a young age I was taught to be quiet and stay calm when my parents were fighting of others or dealing with the police. I think having the kids go crazy during a self-defense situation can lead to miscalculi. I am also happy the State of Delaware did not try to flip child protective services against you for trumped up endangerment charges. Even more controversial but actual has been the "normalized application" of police using tasers (which are lethal weapons well known to cause cardiac arrest) often resulting in executions of the detained, which have included children and the elderly.

The only other aspect I would add is that the moment the biker engaged and threatened you would have been met in tandem with the wife drawing her camera phone to video while you rightfully began your dash deholstering sequence. I also read you attempted to get plates but I know from experience managing situational stress and catching/memorizing numbers with only a several second (or less) window of time can be impossible. After reading this account I will be sure if I ever have kids to have them training on rimfire from the earliest age so they will not be gun or engagement shy or afraid of me defending against the brand of tyranny you unfortunately encountered.
 #90505  by SigGirl
I think under the circumstances you handled the situation and the girls extremely well. Anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback and no one can prepare especially young children for a real life situation like that. All the training can go out the window in a situation where emotions are running high. Even as adults you can prepare all your life but when that adrenalin is pumping you don't truly know how you're going to feel or react. Just so glad that it turned out in your favor and everyone is ok. As far as getting it on camera don't know how well that would of worked two cars away and to be honest I don't think half of us would think about it if we had our children in that car.

I would of pushed the issue with the guy filing a false police report but then worry about retaliation. Hindsight is 20/20. In the end it all worked out! So glad you had the skills and knowledge of the law to back you up! Well done!!
 #90507  by Owen
I'm glad you and your family were not hurt.

When I read this my first thought (after concern for your families safety) was he's lucky there was no accident. Car vs motorcycle is a no win scenario for him. A lady here at work was hit and run over and the SUV never stopped. She was killed. I'm not saying cars are better or motorcycles are bad but they are both dangerous and you are almost completely unprotected on a motorcycle. Why he has to escalate things and not just thank God he wasn't hurt is beyond me. He was a fool.

EDIT: to clarify, by "He" I mean the motorcyclist