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 #102072  by phlydude
Based on a post on the FB page regarding vehicular OC, someone posted about a magnet they picked up @ Cabela's for dash mounting in their car.
It was on sale for $15 so I figured I'd pick it up and try it out.

So I took out a part of my dash in front of the steering wheel and mounted it up with some bolts, fender washers and lock nuts and tested it out.
Holds any of my handguns solidly, even the polymer ones just by way of the slide. Puts the gun in plain view nicely, right on the dash.

Only negative, made in China


It was located on a 4-sided vertical accessory holder between the safes and the firearms checkout.
 #102272  by dean
That's pretty clean looking. The only downside I can think of is it's not a very secure hold in the event of an abrupt stop/crash.
 #102320  by Kuntryboy816
Depends on if you mount the holster or not...

backed out the screw to show the anchors... rock solid!
 #102321  by phlydude
I put my weapon of choice in a nylon uncle Mike's with a metal clip on it. Holds it perfectly.

The drywall anchor thing would work well for this magnet too if you didn't want to rip apart the dash to bolt through for the mount.
 #102498  by Red Alert
Cool idea. I agree with deans concern. From a firefighter/EMT perspective I would ve concerned about this in a crash/rollover event...
 #102499  by Red Alert
It's also questionable at night...
 #102507  by phlydude
yeah, how so - it is on the dash
If you are courteous and turn on the inside lights during a traffic stop, it is in plain view.

However, you are under no obligation in DE to inform but you may want to do so as a courtesy.