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 #102715  by VWpilot
XRing received one of these pistols yesterday. I work there, and 4 of us employees had a discussion of all the supposed new key features and benefits of this pistol. We tossed around some pros and cons we had for the pistol. Wanted to ask you all for your thoughts, opinions, etc. (Full disclosure, no one at XRing asked me to post this, I'm asking on my own accord) Thank you. Stay safe ~ Rob.
 #102720  by whatevah
I just watched a video from Hickok45 yesterday... it seems to be the same internals at the subcompact XD but with better sights plus the obvious "gripzone", the deeper slide serrations and the rounded trigger guard. All of which are great upgrades for a tiny gun.
 #102722  by NCC
But it's not very cute... Maybe if it came in pink...