You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #105876  by mpayton
OCed for the first time today. My son and I went to Wal-Mart in Seaford and then to the royal farms in bridgeville. I definitely felt the neon sign over my head. Thankfully all was uneventful, nobody give me a second look as far as I know. I think my Super Blackhawk is invisible lol.
 #105877  by myopicvisionary
I OC at the Smith Family restaurant in Greenwood every month. Never an issue OCing there.
 #105878  by astro_wanabe
Welcome to the board, congrats on your first time OCing, and don't worry the neon sign burns out really fast :)
 #105888  by Kuntryboy816
Welcome and congrats on your OC outings.
 #105890  by dave_in_delaware
Welcome to DELOC!

The feeling that everyone knows you have a gun and is staring at you will fade with the more OC in public that you do.
 #105901  by Owen
Welcome! Good way to start your OC experience!