Discuss the when's and where's of the next range trip.
 #107188  by drewski916
I apologize in advance. I'm sure this question has been asked a billion times. I'm a first time gun owner/shooter who's looking for an indoor range and most importantly training. I'm in the Bear area. Looking for recommendations. Thank you
 #107193  by Kuntryboy816
Welcome sir and congrats on the decision to become a gun owner/shooter! There are a lot of very helpful people here in the club that are always willing to share knowledge and skills with all levels of shooters. I will send you a message shortly with information on an excellent instructor. Some friends from work and I are going to be going to Targetmaster in the near future. We're more than happy to have ya along and I'll post up details once we've nailed down the time and date.

As for indoor ranges...
1. Targetmaster- Rt. 202 just over the PA line (http://www.targetmaster.com/)
2. DE State Pistol Club- membership required or attend w/ a member.. they also have action pistol shoots open to the public on Mondays and the 2nd/4th Wed of the month(http://dspclub.org/public/)
3. Southern Chester County Sportsman & Farmers Association- membership req or attend w/ a member (https://sccsfa.org/)
4. Shooter's Choice- Dover/Smyrna area (http://www.shooterschoicede.com/)
5. Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club- Bridgeville DE (http://bville-rifle-pistol.org/)
 #107195  by drewski916
Great information. I would like to try Targetmaster but wasn't sure about the ability or laws for transporting a firearm across state lines. Or do I just chance it lol
 #107196  by myopicvisionary
Unloaded and inaccessible.
 #107198  by drewski916
Thanks for the quick response. Figured that was the case. Only issue I have is that I drive a hatchback car without a truck. Unloaded in the cargo area with ammunition in glovebox ok?
 #107202  by Kuntryboy816
If the ammo and firearm are in separate containers/boxes apart from each other then you are okay even if those items are next to each other on the back seat, trunk, etc. I have a Jeep Wrangler with no trunk. Back seat is perfectly fine for your hatchback. I would not keep loaded magazines separate from the firearm though. Some states distinguish that as separated but others consider the magazine a part of the firearm regardless of whether it is in the magwell or not. Better to err on the side of caution here.
 #107205  by 2xTony
Target master is a good spot for someone new. They keep a good eye on everyone so theyll let you know if youre doing something wrong or unsafe if you dont realize it.
 #107206  by drewski916
this is great information. I'm glad I found this site. Everyone has been very informative. I'm definitely going to check out Tragetmaster. Let me know if anybody is going there soon
 #107239  by drewski916
I'm trying to set up training but I won't be able to take a class util March. I'd like to go to the range before that. Sounds like Targetmaster is a good place for a new shooter. Thinking about heading there this Saturday 1/30. If anyone will be there and has some tips or advice let me know