Discuss the when's and where's of the next range trip.
 #109170  by Amy Blackthorn
dave_in_delaware wrote:So apparently, they believe the 2nd amendment (and our right to carry) only applies to concealed carry.

Was pretty disappointed by the whole thing.
 #109171  by Amy Blackthorn
Owen wrote:Are they a gun store too? Seems like all gun stores except cabela's don't like open carry. It's to bad they are anti. I wonder, do they allow drawing from a holster?
Yup gun store and range. Haven't seen anyone attempting from holster practice. Doubtful.
 #109180  by Mirlen
They've indicated on their Facebook page that open carry is fine. This is a non-issue.
 #109203  by Amy Blackthorn
Mirlen wrote:They've indicated on their Facebook page that open carry is fine. This is a non-issue.
Where did you see this? I can't find it on their Facebook Page. Can you post a screen cap?
 #109225  by Owen
Hmm. I normally open carry the pistol that I shoot. I wonder if I can just un-holster at the shooting lane?

Moot point to me, as I can shoot pistols at DSPC whenever I want. :D
 #110142  by EightySixer
I was there a month or so ago, it is a nice range.

You cannot draw from a holster.

Also, there were a couple older vets that came in, collectors. The RO said, "hey you guys are in for a treat, just want to let you know we'll have a cease fire for a few minutes when they come in."

They had a Gatling gun. Stood on a waist high tripod, took two or three of them to lift it and set it up. Pretty similar to the one on display. No idea what caliber or make etc. But boy when they cranked that handle the muzzle flash/flames seemed to jump a down the lane. It was pretty rad.

I am going again in the next few days, the pricing isn't bad and the facility is pretty nice.