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 #109322  by airman1968
Looking for some thoughts on ankle holster for M&P shield. Go for it with your comments. I currently have an appendix carry holster but I am thinking ankle carry may be more comfortable.

 #109334  by CorBon
It's hard to say that ankle-carry is more comfortable, for numerous reasons. First off, due to the constant motion, you really need to have the weapon strapped on fairly tight. Second, the added weight on one side can be a little difficult for some to get accustomed to. Third, you have another obstruction to catch on things, including your other ankle (if worn on the inside). And lastly, it can ride a little funny, and cause a bulge down around the ankle,

That's not to say that it can't work, as I do have a couple of holsters for things like J-frames and baby Glocks -- but I tend to find reasons NOT to wear them.

Normally, if ankle-carry serves a purpose, it tends to be from the UDC perspective -- as access to the ankle area is somewhat difficult, and immobilizes you while you are retrieving the weapon. In other words, you can back up, walk, run, or otherwise engage/defend while accessing from a belt-carry position (some of those could be limited if that method is cross-draw, though).

Just my thoughts, and happy holidays.
 #109337  by NCC
Check out the book Concealed Carry by Massad Ayoob. It has a section on them. Basically it is merely OK. The big thing is that you have to practice drawing from it, no easy task. Also, there is a lot of dirt and dust down there so a revolver is recommended for dependable firing.

FWIW, I prefer a pocket carry for my BUG.
 #109345  by whatevah
Unless you're hiking or working construction, ankle holsters shouldn't cause any dirt issues... You still need to clean your carry gun regularly, even IWB guns need cleaned every 2 weeks or so if you carry daily.

As far as holster suggestions, Galco has some good options, there's an instructor/former cop (James Yeager) that carries 2 Glock 26s using Galco ankle holsters as backup guns and swears by them. They're a little pricey, but will last. I've considered them for use at work, but I enter federal property and unfriendly states too often to carry.

Is your current holster specifically intended for appendix carry? They usually ride a little different than a standard IWB holster (and typically narrower), so might be more comfortable.