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 #110320  by CAPNSTAK
Anyone belong to this range? If so, what's it like there? As in what do they offer, what is required to join/maintain membership?
 #110324  by 2xTony
I took my ccw class there. It seemed like a really nice place. If you have any long range rifles ots a good place to be a member of. I was just there the one day tho and its a bit out of my way
 #110340  by whatevah
pick_six wrote:It's in Maryland, what are the limitations on what you can take and shoot there? Mag caps?

Semi auto limits?
This question comes up frequently for folks going to the Elk Neck range. You're allowed to bring "large capacity" mags with you, but they have to leave with you (can't give them away or sell them within the state borders). The same for guns that fall under their "assault" bans. (Of course, no carrying! Use interstate transport guidelines on storage during transport). MD residents have the same rules for magazines, they can bring mags into the state for themselves, but cannot sell/trade/give them to another person inside the state border.