Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
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Is anyone here a member of this facebook page and is anyone else here as annoyed with it as I am?
 #111162  by Kuntryboy816
rosco87 wrote:Is anyone here a member of this facebook page and is anyone else here as annoyed with it as I am?
Yes and yes........ but you already knew that. ;)
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Sorry, don't use Failbook.
 #111165  by astro_wanabe
I've been banned for calling out divisiveness and then reinstated. Some of the mods are ... extremely heavy-handed, set in their ways, and if you don't like their ways, you aren't needed in the group types. Tact is often lacking.

Otherwise, they're doing a decent job of getting people to actually talk to their legislatures, so that's a plus.
 #111228  by rosco87
I have been banished as well! I hear they are trying to get license plates now.
 #111231  by 2xTony
I was banned as well :censored:
Well it started as a 24 hr ban but i called the mod "pathetic" in our pm discussion and it really hurt his feelings
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You guys really should learn to work and play well with others.

 #111239  by Kuntryboy816
NCC wrote:You guys really should learn to work and play well with others.

It seriously is a very, VERY biased population in the DGR group!! You can't work/play well with them if you don't agree to their view of the world and all things firearms. When 85% of the people responding start their replies with, "I am 100% Pro-2A and I agree that you should carry any way you want BUT... <continues w/ anti-OC sentiments and false narratives>" it just:
1. makes them sound just like any other liberal, gun-grabbing smoke blower out there
2. shows that they do NOT agree that your right to OC is equal to their right to CC
3. shows that they are willing, to an extent, to give up certain rights (compromise them away) because they lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Big Gov's opposition

It is hysterical that their motto is #Not1Inch yet they are like, "We DO NOT want ANYONE to OPEN CARRY or we have been told that we will not get our permit to assemble on The Green (free speech much?) and Dover PD said they will shut us down immediately!" .....soooooo, maybe just half an inch.. or a quarter of an inch is acceptable but not the entire inch??? :o
 #111240  by rosco87
i think its funny they seem to think they coined the phrase "not one inch" that's been around for a long time. The members also think they are the ones who organized the 2A rally that was in dover when that is completely incorrect. They keep saying " I don't know why anyone carried we were specifically told not to!" I know the two people that organized it personally and they told me and some other people to Open carry and we said ok but we wont take our rifles and he said "What? Why not? I want you guys to carry your rifles." Then for them to bash us and call us crazies really irritates me. they seem to think if we play nice then the media will give us a fair shake and report things in our favor which will never happen. As long as our message is Pro-2A they will label us to look like crazy anti-gov lunatics whenever they want even if no one carried that day. But the thought of NOT carrying at a Pro-2A rally just doesn't even make sense to me. They need to get over themselves realize this isn't a fight that can be won by playing nice and try to make us all look like scared little peasants. We need to show them we will fight (non violent) them and not let them push their anti-gun agendas on us. So far we have fought hard enough to slow down this attack but I fear they are hiding it in the bushes so to speak and they will try to sneak it in before end of session.

sorry ending rant now but that page has me and my guys fired up!! Sadly enough though it is a good source of intel though. I have been able to gather lots of info on current legislative activity from it. Yeah and don't dare disagree or voice a differing opinion or you will be banished.
 #111242  by Kuntryboy816
Agreed brother!! :applause:

I'm of the mind that I don't care who you are or what "group" that I am a part of that you have created on social media or whatnot... you aren't going to tell me what I can or can't do in regards to ANY way that I legally conduct myself! Regardless of, if I am a member on DGR, Deloc, Fancy Schmancy Gun Club, etc., I will absolutely and lawfully carry when and how I deem necessary and you don't have ANY say in that PERIOD! You may not like it and maybe they've forgotten this little tidbit but your feelings DO NOT trump MY RIGHTS! They had their DGR 2A protest a few days before the big 2A rally and that was great! The more we can show our legislators that we will not simply stand for their corrupt practices, the better we get our point across. Please don't get me wrong, I am very pleased that they are trying to fight with us against an oppressive and unconstitutional legislation that our corrupt officials are trying to ram down our throats BUT when a pro-2A group starts to try and restrict what and how you can LEGALLY carry a firearm, then they put themselves right in the exact same category as Big Gov who... get this... is trying to tell us what and how you can carry! In that regard, they are no different than the ones they are trying to oppose! How do you get off telling me that I can not Open Carry... legally... in a public place because you're afraid of "optics"... because you might not get a permit... because you think your opinion/feelings on the matter of Open Carry trumps my right to defend myself and my family's safety... that you're going to shoo me away for being pro-2A too! SERIOUSLY! I can't fathom how they don't see how incredibly contradictive they sound!

You are 110% correct about the unfair stigma that the media will impose upon any pro-2A gathering or statements. If the media and the anti-2A masses have openly stated and shown that they will NOT FIGHT FAIR then why is the pro-2A community continually trying to appease the media and refusing to fight back in the same manner. "Kill them with kindness" is not the motto that the pro-2A community can afford to stand by in this day and age. We need to agressively push out factual propoganda in order to make the American public see that the false narratives that the media is throwing around is grossly and vastly incorrect...outright lies! Sometimes I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone when these anti-2A proponents try and argue pure and simple logic and facts! At the DNREC public hearing, I felt like it was some dream or out-of-body experience when I heard the anti's speak out against any allowance of firearms! It's one thing to read about it in a news article or see it on a YouTube video or TV but to hear it in person while sitting 15' away from the person spewing that garbage.. it was unreal!!