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 #111364  by Amy Blackthorn
brich2929 wrote:
Amy Blackthorn wrote:Heard Hogg and his Cronies were going to be in Delaware tomorrow to protest for all the anti-gun bills going up tomorrow. Anyone hear about this?
He wasn't at SB163 hearing
Yeah he was supposed to be in Wilmington renting his garments or something. Never heard him actually having showed. I’m sure after having been SWATTED there was better coverage nationally.
 #111377  by California_Exile
The News-Urinal's lovely story pushing for revival of the "let's be Maryland" AWB. ... 698096002/

As usual, basically a press release for the anti- crowd. But nice to see the comments smacking the commie senator Townsend around. Good on ya, if that's anyone in here.

Really get a kick out of Townsend saying "It's an affront to our democracy if my gun-ban bill dies in committee instead of getting a floor vote." Riiight. Because it's so important, and that's why it's different from all the other bills that committees he's on have spiked, for sure. Our constitutional order is in great hands with people who think application of neutral procedural rules to achieve goals they don't agree with is anti-democratic.
 #111379  by Owen
I read Townsend's response as "It's an affront to democracy that I can't take away your rights"

Taking away rights is always on the wrong side of history.
 #111380  by NCC
Just call him Hitler.
 #111392  by Owen
They are saying they need an R to switch sides. Sen. Catherine Cloutier, R-Arden, is widely considered to be McBride's most likely target.

She only has a "B+" from NRA but got an "A" from the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence.

So we need to contact her and ask her protect our civil rights and to stick with the Republican party line and oppose this.

You can contact Senator Cloutier's office at 302-744-4197, or via email at

Or, you can contact Senator Cloutier's Legislative Aide, Rob Keesler, at or (302)744-4197.

 #111394  by NCC
Two Dems crossed the aisle and defeated it today. Sent them my thank you email and CC'd Townsend.


Dear Sirs,

Unfortunately I am in Townsend's district. I wanted to send you my profound thanks for turning down the asinine and idiotic SB163 today. I sincerely appreciate you protecting my second amendment rights and representing me as he certainly does not. At any turn.

Please do not ever leave the state of Delaware in the hands of someone like Townsend. Imagine if he achieves his goals and actually became the Governor.

NCC (uno)