Because we enjoy good company and good food.


Sat, July 14
Sat, July 21
Sat, July 28
 #111252  by dave_in_delaware

Due to the low attendance and potentially bad weather expected, June's meeting at sodbuster's has been postponed and changed to THIS month.

So, please vote for the date(s) you could attend. Poll only runs for a week.

Thank you.
 #111426  by dave_in_delaware
I still plan on coming, along with my better half. Unless something comes up between now and then.

Will bring chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes for dessert.
 #111428  by Sodbuster
The 21st it is.

dave_in_delaware - chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes

astro_wanabe - sodas

Twitchn1911 - pasta salad
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 #111457  by Twitchn1911
I’ll bring pasta salad. Looking forward to seeing everyone. :pbjtime:
 #111475  by dave_in_delaware
A big "thank you!" to the sodbusters for another great gathering. We had a great time despite being on a short time schedule.

And as always, the food was really good, and so was the conversation.

Thanks again!
 #111477  by Sodbuster
Thanks to everyone who turned out. Hope you had a good time.

To those who missed it, you missed, besides the camaraderie, the airborne beverage display and the hand crafted souvenir coasters.