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 #95168  by GreaseMonkey
Do any of you Ladies or Gentlemen use kydex holsters from Raven Concealment, Off The Grid Concepts, Griffon Industries, or any of the other veritable plethora of high end custom kydex holster manufacturers? I'm looking for a good IWB/OWB option for my P30, possibly with a light, and just wanted to check to see if any of you here had any input!
 #95175  by 08///M3Saloon
I've used a RCS VG2, raven is a great company to deal with. OTG seems to make a nice product as well, a friend of mine uses the micro-carry. In my opinion if you're looking for quality kydex look no further than JMCustomkydex. The best craftsmanship I've seen to date and a pleasure to deal with. Holsters made to your spec, and a 2 week period to send back for adjustment if you need ie: sweat guard lengths.
 #102921  by willyb1972020
radnor wrote:I am using this

It has the slots for a belt, so remove the hardware and your IWB goes to OWB.
Very happy with it.
I have one from them to very well made holster. The one I got for my G19 Gen 4 is a little big to use IWB. But is great for open carry or to wear under a jacket.