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 #97503  by Mirlen
Thoughts on these three? Really want to get a dedicated concealed carry firearm. Did some quick fondling of them side by side at Targetmaster tonight on the way home from work and will prolly rent all three before deciding but from quick feel... Glock mag release seemed tight/a little awkward.. Still undecided on the thickness but like the extra rds... XDs mag release was in a better spot but also tight (those two were new, maybe due to that). Felt like a solid firearm, not sure on the aggressive texturing. Shield mag release felt the most natural and the gun just seemed to fit the hand the best. Not sure how I feel about the manual safety though...

How have these done as far as reliability/feeding various ammo types? Other opinions besides Bob's "get the 26" :) ? Maybe I'll just hit some more overtime and get all three :)
 #97510  by sethinde
I have an XDS 9mm. Bought it early this year. Mag release is very tight. Totally workable though. Have put close to 400 rounds through mine. The mag release has lightened up but only ever so slightly. Maybe about 50 rounds at action pistol nights, while reloading fast and under strain of the clock. It has not malfunctioned yet. It shoots well for me, but I need more time to be comfortable with it. Hollow points I have tried (civil defense, speer gold dot, and critical defense) seem to only load first round from a slide lock release but no issues with any of the rounds. This is how I operate my handguns anyway so I am fine with it. As far as ball ammo, I use whatever I can find and it all cycles.

I have not carried it yet, as the G-code incog holster I ordered in Jan has not shipped due to long lead times because the company is relocating. As soon as its here (next week I hope) I will be drawing and dry firing to get used to it so I can carry this summer and start using it at action pistol.

I have a Disantis IWB cheap holster that I store it in the safe with that allows me to actually carry it quite nicely in the front pocket of a pair of cargo shorts. I will be buying a pocket holster for this.

I do have the extended magazine which gives it a nice grip but I am trying to get accustomed to the flush mag. As far as the aggressive grip, I am used to it as I mostly carry an XDM 9mm that has the same texture.

Hope this helps. I went to target master too and rented a few smaller pistols too. It was between this and a wather. I went for the XDS 9mm.
 #97514  by Surface Dragon
I like/love the Glock 19.

It may seem a little large but I can easily conceal it while wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt using a nylon BLACKHAWK! holster tied to my belt buckle with some 550 para cord and I'm a thin person weighting about 120 pounds.
 #97518  by laxplayer2
Wife and I both have shields in 9mm (thanks viper) . It's her EDC, I swap between G19 and shield depending on how deep I want to conceal . The safety on the shield is not an issue. It's so flush you really can't engage it unless you're deliberate about it. That being said anything can happen . I always check that it's off before I hostler up for the day . No issues as of yet.
 #97532  by Mirlen
Well, thought about it a bit and the feel of the Shield felt right, so I just went ahead and ordered it, noticed it came in stock where I was looking to buy and hadn't received the notification yet (Last time that happened it was gone by the time the notification came) so I jumped on it. Pretty sure I may end up with all 3 at some point anyhow :-P
 #97542  by Dugan
Of all the smaller pistols ive held at gun shows or at vipers, the shield was the best form fit and function of the fleet. I would love to get one in the future... but my GF wants one first... so I guess i lose out haha.
 #102241  by Red Alert
How is the shield? I was torn between the shield and LC9s. I was going to get the LC9s mainly for pocket carry. But viper sold his last one a few weeks ago. So now looking at revolver options. Yhe shield is still on my future list...
 #102242  by whatevah
I have the Walther PPS which is what the Shield was based on. Great gun, very accurate but it really stings... But that's a product of a light gun and full power .40 rounds... the 9mm would obviously be more comfortable. It's not a pocket gun, but is easy to conceal and comfortable with a good holster. I carry mine IWB daily.
 #102245  by viper98
Red Alert wrote:How is the shield? I was torn between the shield and LC9s. I was going to get the LC9s mainly for pocket carry. But viper sold his last one a few weeks ago. So now looking at revolver options. Yhe shield is still on my future list...

No worries...I have one on the way just for you to try for fit.......

Xds and shields are the two best sellers...little issues with springfield....a few sight issues with shields....a little price difference between the two if that matters....package that comes with the xds is 4.0 is also out..
 #102247  by Red Alert
Damn, guess I better dig up some more money from the back yard...