If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #99450  by littlephilly
Hello all

As some of you may know I don't post often, but I do check the forum regularly and have some pretty good friends here who keep me and my husband in the loop.

Well we have a friend who is living with us now. She actually was my Maid of Honor at my wedding and is like a little sister to me. She thinks of hubby an "ornery older big brother". He is a bit on the outspoken and overprotective side as some of you may know.

Yesterday we have an appointment and she had to pick some things up from the store. after we were done we decided to head to Wal-mart. We were unaware our friend was there at the same time. We did not see each other and were not aware we were there at the same time.
Here is the politically correct version of what happened as not to ruffle anyone's feathers. I am happy to provide more detail by PM if anyone asks.

Pretty much a guy came up to here and mentioned finding her attractive and we when he sees an "attractive ******* girl he has to touch her anatomy. She told him she was not interested and to leave her alone. She said she was in no way rude. Anyway this guy tries to put his arm around her neck.

There are a couple more details, but a can of pepper spray was emptied. The police came and told her she did not do anything wrong and sent her on her way. This was about 4-5pm yesterday, so it was clear daylight.

This is the kind of reason I began carrying a gun. There was a time I said I never would.

Be safe and stay vigilant.

I realize moderation has changed over the years. I am also aware of my husband's involvement in the reasons for it. If the need is found to modify this by all means. I actually heavily moderated the version my husband wrote prior to posting this.
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Ive never felt secure in that walmart. Something is always off. Good job for protecting yourself. I always carry in that walmart and in that area, I live about 3 mins away, and people ask what im afraid of.. its the stuff like this you cant predict.
 #99452  by littlephilly

it was not me or hubby, but our friend. We told her how aware of the situation she was an how good she did. When she came home she mentioned it as she went through the front door and was so calm about it Joe thought she was kidding, but she was not.
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Dugan wrote::applause: :applause:

Was she by herself or did you accompany her? For a woman carrying that would have been very close to a draw moment if the man didnt let go...
We were not aware she was there, so she was alone. I don't think he would have came up to us if my husband was with us. Call it a hunch and we were both armed.

We did not realize we were there at the same time until after the fact.

In a way its a shame as I am sure my husband might have taught him some manners and how to treat a lady.

We were actually discussing it about a draw moment. I thought probably not, but my husband thought as close as he was, being warned he was not wanted and then touching her anyway that a draw could be appropriate.
 #99455  by schmenge
Pepper spray was the best answer for this occasion. Thank goodness she had it. There's less explaining to do when you draw pepper spray instead of lead.

My wife always carries her pepper spray. I've thought I should carry one too.

Just a reminder for all of you who do carry pepper spray, it does have a shelf life. Several years, but don't forget!
 #99456  by ptlion
I'm glad she wasn't hurt and was prepared! It's pretty sad when you can't trust people! The other thing to be aware of when using pepper spray (from personal experience), if you're using it outside, the slightest breeze in the wrong direction may get you sprayed too even though the stream is pretty directional!
 #99459  by pick_six
good that things worked out ok. also, that your friend was aware enough to react well in the situation.

as a side note, somewhat related, and not meant to jack:

a local trainer type, ccw cert guy who also teaches other classes here, recently did a discussion of situational awareness seminar / class.

as pertains to cc, oc, unarmed and general awareness. some interesting points were made.

it really reminded me how many times i zone out in public, doing just inattentive things like messing with the cell phone, or talking on it, getting into the car in a crowded lot, at night, and generally moving through life. prioritizing distractions and surrounding events is important.

discussing it with folks, in a class room environment or with friends, in both an armed and unarmed context will help all to remember that things can get dangerous quickly.