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Open Carry Logs

PostPosted:Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:37 pm
by josephjanes
OC accepted (my experiences) -- New Starbucks, Greenville - across from Janssen's !!
Purebred - Greenville, down Rt. 52 from Janssen's. (hot sandwiches and bagels - coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, close at 7pm I think) .,
2 FAT GUYS , Greenville - Owner is a CCW holder and VERY friendly to OC - and the food's good too ! And reasonable price, especially for Greenville !! Maybe future monthly mtg. site.

Other areas, Newark - Starbucks , Main St. - I go EVERY morning 8-10 for coffee, reading ( I'm retired), Pathmark, College Square ( Mgr. has CCW and Phillip works here), PNC Bank, Newark Shopping Center, Several Rite-Aids and Walgreens,
Old Country Buffet and also Bugaboo Creek, Churchman's Rd. across from Christiana Hospital and in same place as Home Depot. (Old Country Buffett might be a good place for a meeting, too).
My experience is people don't notice/ don't care for the most part, and if they do, I'll happily answer questions - straightforward, no matter how 'snarky' their tone may be - the last thing I want is to piss somebody off and get 'SWAT'-ed !!! Plus it doesn't do open-thinkers like us any good. Take Care.
P.S. Wed. is `1/2 price burger night at 2 Fat Guys . $5-6 !! Might be good for meeting.